barbecue recipes

  1. Healthy Recipes

    Healthier, mouthwatering barbecue dishes under 350 calories

    When you think of low-calorie meals, BBQ doesn't usually come to mind. For one, the sauces you buy are often laden with sugar and...
  2. Cooking & Entertaining

    20 Latin-style dishes for your next BBQ

    Put a twist on your barbecues, and cook up some Latin-style recipes, whether authentic or inspired by great Latin countries.
  3. Quick & Easy Recipes

    VIDEO: How to make the best homemade BBQ sauce

    Tired of the standard supermarket BBQ fare? Are their sauces too sugary or too sweet? Not enough spice? Take charge of your backyard...
  4. Food & Recipes

    Grilling tips for your Fourth of July BBQ

    Fire up that grill like a pro this Independence Day with these five grilling tips from some of our favorite chefs.
  5. Food & Recipes

    Summer BBQ menu essentials

    It's summertime. Bring on the pool parties, lazy naps in the hammock and impromptu barbecues. Go ahead and invite the gang over to...
  6. Food & Recipes

    16 Dishes to guarantee the best barbecue ever

    Planning a barbecue? From drinks to desserts, sliders to sides, we have you covered. Here are all the recipes you need to have the...
  7. Drink Recipes

    21-and-over root beer floats with boozy ice cream

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    Homemade ice cream is spiked with root beer-flavored liqueur and served in a soda float for one delicious adults-only drink.
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Dr Pepper does barbecue

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    Get that grill going, and slather on this sticky-sweet Dr Pepper barbecue sauce, or try these tasty baked beans for a soda-infused...
  9. Cooking & Entertaining

    2 Finger-lickin' barbecue rib recipes

    It's time to dust off the grill and fire it up for these two rib recipes. Both dishes will leave your taste buds craving more.
  10. Cooking & Entertaining

    20 Dishes to make your Memorial Day delicious

    Fire up your grill, and make this Memorial Day weekend the best kickoff to summer yet while hanging with friends and eating...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    Bust out your barbecue: Fresh recipes to try

    Tired of inhaling the delicious smells of your neighbor's barbecue? Stop being jealous and get grilling. From tostadas to tacos and...
  12. Cooking & Entertaining

    The juiciest, most mouthwatering burger recipes for summer

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    Sometimes all you crave is a juicy burger. The perfect bun, the saucy condiments and the meaty patty create a trifecta of perfect...
  13. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Spicy barbecue chicken and avocado quesadillas

    Quesadillas are an easy way to bring a lot of flavor to your lunchtime feast. You're going to love all this barbecue and avocado...
  14. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Super-loaded barbecue nachos

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    These might just be the best nachos ever! Tortilla chips are layered with black beans, salsa, cheese and diced veggies and finished...
  15. Quick & Easy Recipes

    BBQ pork and pineapple quesadillas

    Sweet and spicy have combined. These simple quesadillas are jam-packed with flavor and are perfect for lunch or dinner.
  16. Cooking & Entertaining

    Ultimate backyard BBQ menu

    Planning a backyard barbecue? We've got the perfect menu to let you have the ultimate cookout without the stress.
  17. How-To

    How to make five sizzling desserts

    Who says summer barbecues should be limited to flipping burgers when you can flip out over something even better? Optimize your...
  18. Healthy Recipes

    How to grill the best BBQ chicken

    Summer means using the grill as often as possible, right? Here, we're showing you how to grill the best barbecue chicken you'll ever...
  19. Food & Recipes

    5 Marinade recipes for grilled chicken

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    Nothing beats a juicy chicken breast straight off the grill. Here we share five easy and super flavorful recipes to make your very...
  20. Cooking & Entertaining

    In a pickle: How to throw a summer BBQ on the fly

    Hoping to throw a barbecue this weekend but thinking there's just not enough time? Think again! We have tips on throwing a summer...