back to school

  1. School & Education

    Creative alternatives to the napkin note

    Maybe you're looking for a way to convey a special message or maybe you just want to change up you're routine. Either way, here are...
  2. School & Education

    Back-to-school survey: Elmer's partners with us to give back

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    Elmer's Glue and SheKnows are giving back to kids in need. For every person who takes our survey, we will donate school supplies to...
  3. Décor & Style

    Back-to-school decor tips from HGTV's Rebecca Woolf

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    Summer is over, and all around the country kids are adjusting to a new school year. (Cue the violins.) Now is the perfect time to...
  4. Fashion & Style

    Back-to-school backpacks

    Reading, writing and arithmetic may have been a part of our past -- but fashion remains very much in our future! Whether you are...
  5. K-12

    Cool lunch box ideas

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    Now that school is back in session, packing lunch becomes a daily routine for many moms. This school year, make your child's lunch...
  6. Tips & Advice

    Autism and back to school: Another brick in the wall

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    As the parent of an atypical son, few things are more stressful than the first day of school. There’s the yelling… the screaming…...
  7. Fashion & Style

    Playdate fashion: Not just for the kids!

    Whether you are going to mommy and me or having a playdate with other moms, style still counts. Go beyond the basic jeans and a...
  8. School & Education

    Helping encourage technology in the classroom

    We all know it’s essential that our kids are tech-savvy. They’re growing up in a world that’s ruled by technology, and that becomes...
  9. School & Education

    Back-to-school technology every kid needs

    It’s back-to-school time again, and that means it’s time for you to hit the stores. You may be surprised when you see the supply...
  10. School & Education

    Techy mom: How learning today’s tech can help your kids in class

    Technology permeates every aspect of our lives. Until recently, being computer savvy was enough to help your kids in class. Now,...
  11. School & Education

    Most creative uses of technology in schools

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    These days, technology is used in every realm of nearly every industry. To best prepare students for the ever-changing technology...
  12. School & Education

    Ways to save on back to school technology

    According to the National Retail Federation, when it comes to back-to-school spending, parents of children in grades K-12 will spend...
  13. School & Education

    Social media and school: What you need to know

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    The use of social media in schools has been a buzz-worthy topic. Parents, educators and students fall on both sides of the divide....
  14. School & Education

    Helping your child transition to college

    Heading off to college is a huge shift for both you and your child. It’s the first time your kid will be entirely responsible for...
  15. School & Education

    Today's tech: How kids communicate in and out of school

    Forget about face-to-face conversations. Phone calls and emails are even a thing of the past. Today’s kids are using technology to...
  16. School & Education

    Keeping connected with your college student

    Your college student is packing up and ready to head out into the world, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be in touch. We have a ton...
  17. School & Education

    Tips for going back to school gluten-free

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    Knowing how to prepare for going back to school gluten-free can ease the stress for all concerned and make for a more enjoyable...
  18. Children's Health

    Help your kids have their healthiest school year yet

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    There’s enough stress and rushing around involved with back to school that keeping kids active and healthy often takes a back seat...
  19. Clothes for kids

    Green back-to-school shopping tips

    Go green just in time for back to school. Shop for green school supplies and clothes with your children and use it as an opportunity...
  20. School & Education

    Creating a homework nook

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    Now that school is in full swing, the homework is coming home regularly and en masse. As your kids get into the grind, here's how to...