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  1. School Food

    Wraps, muffins and waffles: School sandwich alternatives

    Skip the sandwich and pack some of these fun alternatives in your child’s lunch this school year!
  2. School Food

    Beyond the sandwich: Lunch items kids will love

    It’s time to think outside of the sandwich when you’re preparing your kids’ lunches. Try these ideas for lunches that are a little...
  3. School Food

    Teaching kids to pack their own lunches

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    It’s amazing how much time goes into packing lunches, right Mom? Get your kids to chip in a bit by teaching them to pack their own!
  4. School Food

    Homemade energy bars to power your kids through school

    Making your own energy bars is an economical way to fuel you and your family. Not only are they affordable, they're also packed with...
  5. School Food

    6 Simple snack solutions that will store all week

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    One way to help tame the bustle of the school and work week is to prepare snacks ahead of time. These are some of my family's...
  6. School Food

    Healthy snack packs at home

    Back to school or on the run? Take one of these five healthy, homemade snacks, throw it in a Ziploc sandwich baggie and rush out the...
  7. School Food

    10 Takes on trail mix

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    We'll show you 10 easy-to-make mixes to assemble at home and to eat for a nutritious snack. These mixes are kid-friendly treats for...
  8. School Food

    Turkey sandwich kabobs

    It’s hard to compete with cafeteria food like cheesy pizza, hamburgers and chicken nuggets. So how do you make your kids bring a...
  9. School Food

    “Kid coffee” for grown-up mornings

    Let your kids get in on the morning ritual of drinking "coffee." This kid-friendly creation will be a hit around the breakfast...
  10. School Food

    Cinnamon sugar baked apple crisps

    Thinly sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked in the oven become a sweet, healthy snack.
  11. School Food

    Baked chicken fingers with sweet and tangy dipping sauce

    Baking chicken fingers turns a crispy favorite into a healthy dinner that both moms and kids will love.
  12. School Food

    Italian pasta salad with pepperoni and cheddar

    What's not to love about pepperoni and cheddar in a pasta salad? Try this dish for your next potluck or simple summer dinner.
  13. School Food

    Healthy banana-chocolate milkshake

    You would never guess that this banana-chocolate milkshake is actually good for you.
  14. School Food

    Slice-and-bake citrus shortbread cookies

    These simple slice-and-bake cookies made with just a few ingredients are great to have on-hand in the freezer. Make a few at a time...
  15. School Food

    5-Minute canned tomato salsa

    In less than five minutes, make a delicious salsa from canned tomatoes and just a few other ingredients.
  16. School Food

    BLT wraps

    The well-loved combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato makes a great lunch box addition in this BLT Wrap.
  17. School Food

    Pizza scones with dipping sauce

    Pizza scones are an easy-to-eat and flavorful breakfast, lunch or snack.
  18. School Food

    Sun butter: Homemade sunflower-seed butter for SB&Js

    Whether your child's classroom is nut-free or you're simply looking for a change of pace, sunflower-seed butter is a tasty...
  19. School Food

    Easy snacks for after school hangouts

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    Please your hungry kids with creative after school snacks that make hanging out or studying much more fun!
  20. School Food

    After school snacks your kids can prepare

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    Getting your kids involved in activities in the kitchen is not only fun, but it's also a great way to introduce them to healthy...