back to school recipes

  1. Family Fun

    Pack a better lunch for your kids

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    It's not as easy as you think to pack a great school lunch all year long. These ideas for packing healthy, nutritious lunches (and...
  2. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Lunchbox tuna and mayonnaise sandwich rolls

    A plain old tuna and mayo sandwich can be made interesting, too. Surprise your kids with pretty rolled-up sandwiches when they open...
  3. Family Recipes

    Restaurant copycat: Auntie Anne's pretzels

    After a day of shopping, it's impossible to walk by the food court and not start salivating as soon as you smell Auntie Anne's...
  4. Baking

    3 Fun back-to-school cookie desserts

    Want to make going back to school just a little less painful (and secure your kid's spot at the cool kids' table)? Instead of Oreos...
  5. Family Recipes

    3 unique lunchbox ideas

    Packed lunches can get a little... boring. Who hasn't been on the wrong end of a boring lunchbox? Instead of a drab sandwich or...
  6. School Food

    5 Back-to-school-inspired edibles

    Can you believe it’s already time to talk about going back to school? We can’t either, and we bet it’s probably the last thing your...
  7. School Food

    Creative alternatives to the napkin note

    Maybe you're looking for a way to convey a special message or maybe you just want to change up you're routine. Either way, here are...
  8. School Food

    Lunchbox apple pie

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    Apple pie isn't exactly the first dessert that comes to mind when we think of lunchbox treats. However, not all pie has to be served...
  9. School Food

    Whole-wheat French toast sticks and fruit dipping sauce

    Who doesn't love those soft, buttery and oh-so-delicious French toast sticks you get in school cafeterias? As good as they are, they...
  10. School Food

    Pack special pretzels

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    Pretzels are a lunch box staple in our household. Here's how we keep them interesting!
  11. School Food

    Sandwich on a stick: 3 easy, packable kabobs

    Whether it's summertime or the school year, it's easy to get into a lunch rut. Switch up your routine with these fun sandwich kabobs.
  12. School Food

    Healthy banana split

    Seriously: This banana split is so wholesome you can eat it for breakfast, although it also makes a great snack to share.
  13. School Food

    5 Fast granola bar recipes

    Can your family never get enough of those chewy, chocolaty granola bars you buy at the store? Next time they ask for one in their...
  14. School Food

    Heart-shaped sandwiches

    Want to tell your kids how much you love them without embarrassing them in front of their friends? Slip a few of these cute...
  15. School Food

    Ditch the goldfish: Homemade cheesy snacks

    Make your own preservative-free cheese crackers with just a handful of ingredients.
  16. School Food

    From leftovers to lunches: 5 Kid-friendly ideas

    You just cooked dinner last night. Why slave away over lunch again in the morning, when you have perfectly good leftovers in the...
  17. School Food

    Mint chocolate popcorn treat

    If you love rice cereal treats, you'll love these crispy mint chocolate chip popcorn treats. Made with salty popcorn and mint...
  18. School Food

    Homemade Toaster Strudel

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    Make your own Toaster Strudel for a special breakfast or after-school snack.
  19. School Food

    Send them to school with a secret care package

    Everyone likes surprises, right? Send your kid to school with a secret care package in her backpack. It’s an easy way to bring a...
  20. School Food

    Fruit salad sammies

    Looking for a creative way to get your daily fruit serving? Try these yummy fruit salad sammies.