1. Child Development & Health

    Are headbanging toddlers at risk for autism or other disorders?

    Why is your child -- who seems perfectly normal -- all of the sudden banging his head on the wall every time he gets mad? (And no,...
  2. Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Parents reading to children with special needs just as important as reading to others, expert says

    The picture was rather simple: a close-in shot of a little boy's face focused intently on something out of the picture, nestled in...
  3. Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Special diets for special kids: Autism and casein- & gluten-free diets

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    Beky Garrett never suspected milk was the culprit negatively influencing her daughter's potty-training. Garrett has two children, a...
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Promote autism awareness with these goodies, gifts & garb

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    Whether you want to proudly proclaim that you "love someone with autism" or want to make a more subtle statement, there are a...
  5. Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Autism information page

    There are many questions out there about autism that people have -- questions like What is autism? , Is there are a treatment? ,...
  6. Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Organizations to find help for PDD, Asperger, and Autism

    Use this list to find the perfect organization to help your family with a PDD, Asperger's or Autism diagnosis.
  7. Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Autism gets its day in court

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    Some 5,000 parents are in court this month in a new class action lawsuit that claims thimerosal -- a preservative that contains the...
  8. Autistic Spectrum Disorders

    Living with Asperger's Syndrome: A sister's story

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    When I was about nine years old, my parents got me the original Nintendo for Christmas. As my sister and I ran upstairs to our...
  9. Autism Spectrum Disorders

    Mothers of autistic children susceptible to depression

    Research has shown that mothers of children diagnosed with autism are prone to developing depression, especially if they feel their...