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    INTERVIEW: Abdi Nazemian's The Walk-In Closet takes us into the lives of the Iranian-American elite

    Hilarious, heartbreaking and edgy, with a shocking twist, Abdi Nazemian's fiction debut, The Walk-In Closet , provides a glimpse...
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    INTERVIEW: What The Giver author Lois Lowry really thought about Meryl Streep as Chief Elder

    Perhaps you or child read this award-winning book in school. Well, you'll be delighted to know its accomplished author gives her...
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    INTERVIEW: Linda Francis Lee's The Glass Kitchen will leave you wanting seconds

    In The Glass Kitchen , author Linda Francis Lee combines both her love for food and her family. And who doesn't love a good read...
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    INTERVIEW: Jenny Mollen writes about some “weird s***” in new book

    She’s not really a writer, and yet Jenny Mollen’s new book I Like You Just the Way I Am makes you cringe in all the right places.
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    Will Grisha trilogy's Alina & Mal live happily ever after? Leigh Bardugo spills

    We've ridden the emotional wave through two books. Now, book three is within our reach, but are fans ready to say goodbye to the...
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    REVIEW: Jennifer Weiner's All Fall Down takes substance abuse to the suburbs

    Allison Weiss has it all: family, career and a drug habit that might be less habit, more addiction.
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    INTERVIEW: Beautiful Creatures authors reveal the YA books that saved their lives

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    For fans who thought the Caster world had come to a close, good news: There are four more books in the pipeline, starting with...
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    INTERVIEW: Graduates in Wonderland and love lessons learned abroad

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    Jess and Rachel became best friends at Brown University, but after graduation, they were left wondering: Now what?
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    INTERVIEW: Two men bravely discover a different American Dream

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    When Joshua Fields Millburn was a successful businessman, he referred to his life as one big unhappy accident.
  10. Well-being

    How to trigger your inner alpha woman

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    Alpha women are known for being strong, bold and confident achievers who go after what they want in life and take charge of their...
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    INTERVIEW: Lounging around with Allison Winn Scotch

    Allison Winn Scotch recently joined the SheKnows Book Lounge to talk about her new book, the role of destiny and how it felt to...
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    INTERVIEW: Author Logan Belle talks sexual bucket lists

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    Author Logan Belle encourages us to do one thing: jot down our SBL (sexual bucket list). Find out why.
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    Jamie McGuire's new novel is perfect for Walking Dead fans

    Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by author Jamie McGuire marked her as a writer of New Adult romance. However, she...
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    Author Daniel Woodrell talks The Maid's Version

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    Bookish recently interviewed the talented author Daniel Woodrell. See what he has to say about his new book The Maid's Version and...
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    INTERVIEW: James Patterson encourages children to read

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    We all know James Patterson as a prolific writer of thriller novels. For the last decade, however, Patterson has added a new passion...
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    INTERVIEW: Terry McMillan’s Who Asked You? A lesson in how to butt out

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    It was the sex scene that did it for me: made me close the book, pinch my brow and wonder what I'd gotten myself into. Though brief,...
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    INTERVIEW: Lounging around with Richelle Mead

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    Richelle Mead is the author of the intensely popular Vampire Academy series, as well as a number of other books for young adults and...
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    INTERVIEW: Hollywood in Heels 's Charity Gaye Finnestad shares an excerpt

    At least, that's how Britney Spears described Charity Gaye Finnestad's first book, Hollywood in Heels . We had a chance to ask her...
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    Lounging around with Kristan Higgins

    Kristan Higgins stops by SheKnows to discuss her latest book The Best Man , her inspiration for her strong female characters, and...
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    Lounging around with Christine Ha

    Known as The Blind Cook, Christine Ha was the first blind contestant on MasterChef and the winner of the third season. She sat down...