asian recipes

  1. Family Recipes

    Crispy pork belly with miso-sesame sauce

    Slow cooked to tender perfection, then baked to crispiness. There's nothing better than this pork belly dipped in a delectable...
  2. Easy Global Recipes

    Asian rice noodles, the healthier way

    Every Asian country has its own version of rice noodles and every single one is good. Let me show you my healthy Philippine version...
  3. Quick Meal Ideas

    Authentic Chinese soup straight from your own kitchen

    You don't need to order takeout or buy instant when you want to have a warm bowl of Chinese soup. You can make it straight from your...
  4. Easy Dinner Recipes

    No chicken here: General Tso's tofu

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    Tofu is sautéed until slightly crispy then tossed in a sweet and spicy Asian sauce. Serve over steamed veggies for a simple healthy...
  5. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Go Asian for Valentine's Day dinner

    Valentine's Day dinner doesn't have to be fancy, French or covered in chocolate. In fact, my favorite Valentine's dinner is spent...
  6. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Slow cooker sticky honey teriyaki chicken

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    Organic chicken breasts are slow cooked in a spicy, fruity teriyaki sauce infused with apricot preserves and fresh garlic.
  7. Meatless Recipes

    Meatless Monday: Quick & easy tofu and veggie lettuce wraps

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    This versatile recipe goes from starter to light meal in no time flat. The veggies added to the tofu bring color and flavor to this...
  8. Easy Global Recipes

    Crispy garlic ginger lemongrass veggie egg rolls

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    These egg rolls are filled with vegetables, fresh lemongrass, garlic and spicy ginger, then fried to a deep golden brown. Served...
  9. Easy Global Recipes

    Homemade Asian spicy vinegar dipping sauce

    One of the best things about eating Asian food is the many kinds of dipping sauces that accompany it. Spicy, sweet, salty, sour, you...
  10. Family Recipes

    Ginger and chicken soup

    Ginger gives this chicken soup a wonderful flavor, and there is also an unexpected addition of green papaya to accompany it. It's...
  11. Family Recipes

    Pork and shrimp dumpling soup

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    When the temperature drops, the dumplings get packed and the soups start boiling. Enjoy this dumpling soup as it's done in Asia.
  12. Easy Global Recipes

    Easy Asian turkey skillet

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    Asian flavors combine with healthy ground turkey and quinoa for a quick stir-fry dinner.
  13. Cooking Tips & Trends

    10 Reasons to shop at your local Asian grocer

    If you've never shopped at your local Asian grocery store, you're missing out on big flavors. Drop by and pick up these 10...
  14. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Easy homemade vegetable fried rice

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    Create your own take-out-inspired recipes right at home. Brown rice is cooked with fresh vegetables, diced pineapple and served...
  15. Quick Meal Ideas

    Warm Thai chicken salad with creamy ginger dressing

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    Fresh greens, crunchy cashews and warm chicken are the base for this delicious salad. Drizzle it with homemade ginger dressing for a...
  16. Easy Global Recipes

    Fried tofu and pork with vinegar dressing

    Tofu doesn't have to be just a meat substitute. There are so many ways to enjoy it! Let's start with this one.
  17. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Turkey and stuffing wontons with cranberry dipping sauce

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    These wontons made with leftover turkey and stuffing take "repurposing" to a whole new level.
  18. Dessert Recipes

    Tapioca pudding with coconut & raw cane sugar syrup

    A dessert with all the markings of Asia in it. Raw cane sugar, coconut and tapioca cooked together into dessert perfection!
  19. Family Recipes

    Chicken, basil & spinach stir-fry

    There are a number of ideas for stir-fry dinners. With the some fresh ingredients that you can put together, this chicken dish comes...
  20. Family Recipes

    Stir-fry rice with shrimp, vegetables & soy lime sauce

    When we have leftover rice, what do we do? The best solution is to stir-fry it! By adding shrimp and vegetables and soy lime sauce,...