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    Arrow recap: It's getting hot in here

    While Oliver's been recovering from his run-in with the archer six weeks ago, a new villain has arrived in Starling City and he's...
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    Robin Hood-themed show in development for The CW

    P.S. The CW isn't the only network with a Robin Hood-inspired show in the works. Let's hope these Hoods are foxy!
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    Arrow recap: Deadly Dad

    There's a new Hood in town and this guy will stop at nothing to destroy our favorite hooded vigilante.
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    Teen Wolf star targeted for Arrow 's sidekick

    Arrow is suffering from hottie overload. The CW hit has added another star to its attractive roster. Colton Haynes has been cast...
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    Arrow recap: Heartbroken Arrow

    Despite his many attempts to change her, the Green Arrow gets his heart broken when he falls for bad girl Helena.
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    Arrow recap: Crucible

    The Hood makes a new lady friend when he hunts down an assassin who nearly killed his mother. He’s in for an unexpected surprise,...
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    Could the Huntress be Arrow 's new lady friend?

    Tonight, Arrow gets a visit from the Huntress. The comic book heroine sizes up the famous archer. They both have ulterior motives,...
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    Arrow recap: A family that steals together

    Dig and Oliver join forces to take down a family of bank robbers who just have to complete one last heist. What could go wrong?
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    The CW: "More Beauty and the Beast , please!"

    Everyone loves The CW's awesome interpretation of Beauty and the Beast ! Even The CW loves it: They've ordered a full season of the...
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    Arrow recap: Enter Deathstroke

    Oliver must dodge accusations that he's "The Hood" before the truth gets out, things get steamy with Laurel, and an infamous villain...
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    Arrow recap: The Hood gets caught!

    Doesn't it normally take forever for the authorities to uncover the identity of a vigilante in worlds where heros run around in...
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    Arrow recap: Deadshot

    So, we already know that Oliver Queen has a hit list of local villains a mile long, but what happens when he runs into another...
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    Arrow sneak peek: His deadliest enemy yet

    On this week's episode, Arrow faces a new enemy: Deadshot. Known for being the deadliest mercenary in the world, Deadshot is not one...
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    Canceled: The latest shows to say 'bye-bye'

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    Oh, no! Canceling season is upon us! We've got the full scoop of what shows have made the full-season cut and what shows have...
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    No-brainer: The CW wants even more Arrow

    Want to see more Stephen Amell in green leather? Yes please! The CW has ordered more episodes of the freshman series Arrow . After...
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    Arrow recap: Resurrection

    It's hard being a celebrity back from the dead and keeping your archer-hero identity under wraps, but throw some angry women on top...
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    Kelly Hu gets brutal with Stephen Amell's Arrow

    The CW's Arrow is upping the ante. After an impressive debut, it has a lot to live up to. Tonight, it will do just that with the...
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    The CW's Arrow hits the bull's-eye... in ratings

    The CW's found a new breakout hit. After years of lukewarm debuts, the network's struck gold with Arrow . Wednesday night, the...
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    Arrow recap: The hunt for justice

    A hooded crusader with a hit list has just arrived, and he's on a mission to save his city from the villains who are destroying it....
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    Clip reveals Arrow's superhero origins

    Every superhero is born from tragedy. The CW's Arrow is no different. The character gets roughed up physically and emotionally...