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  1. Television

    Arrested Development Season 5 is happening (eventually)

    Arrested Development fans will be thrilled to know that a fifth season will, in fact, happen. Don't get too excited yet, though....
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Did Portia de Rossi get a nose job?

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    Think something is a bit... different with Lindsay Bluth on the new season of Arrested Development ? Boston-based plastic surgeon...
  3. Television

    Arrested Development review: What to expect in Season 4

    Arrested Development has finally returned! We have the rundown on what you can expect, from the highlights to the low points, of...
  4. Cooking & Entertaining

    Bluth approved Arrested Development recipes

    I'm afraid that I just blue myself... with excitement over the May 26 premiere of Arrested Development on Netflix! Celebrate the...
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    TV's craziest moms to watch this summer

    Think Norma Bates was a crazy mom? We have a list of the top psycho moms to watch this summer to satisfy your tantrum-throwing,...
  6. Television

    Arrested Development 's Tobias Fünke's audition reel

    Tobias Fünke wants you to watch his internet audition reel! Well, really he wants James Cameron to, but you'll do for now.
  7. Television

    10 gay TV couples we want hitched

    We want more gay weddings on television! Remember when Sex and the City 's Stanford and Anthony tied the knot? It was fabulous! And...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    This is what Jason Bateman looks like now

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    The seven years that have elapsed since Arrested Development was on the air have apparently been all good for Jason Bateman.
  9. Movies

    Disconnect’s Jason Bateman talks about his serious role

    Jason Bateman chats with SheKnows about taking on a serious role in Disconnect and shows us why he shouldn’t be typecast.
  10. Television

    Arrested Development sets premiere date

    Arrested Development returns from the longest. break. ever.
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    David Cross and Amber Tamblyn married over the weekend

    The couple have lasted much longer than critics said they would. This weekend, they took the final step and got married.
  12. Television

    Michael J. Fox returns to TV with his own show

    NBC won the bidding war over Michael J. Fox's new show — which will resemble his own life in more ways than one.
  13. Television

    Arrested Development : Lights, camera, finally action!

    The TV gods have answered our prayers. Arrested Development is back! The original cast and crew of the revered comedy is gearing...
  14. Television

    Signs point to a television return of Arrested Development

    Arrested Development could be making a small screen comeback. Read on for the details!
  15. Television

    Will Arnett is Running Wilde

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    Will Arnett gets back to the wacky with Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz in their new series, Running Wilde . The new...