1. Well-being

    The downside to antioxidants

    One-half to two-thirds of American adults use dietary supplements as part of an overall effort to follow a healthier lifestyle. The...
  2. Skin Care

    Dermatologists share: Anti-aging tips that work

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    Grow old gracefully with some anti-aging tips from top dermatology experts.
  3. Well-being

    Something called nicotinamide riboside could anti-age your body

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    NR is getting quite a bit of buzz for its anti-aging potential. Should you give it a try?
  4. Skincare

    The latest WTF beauty treatment: DIY plastic surgery

    Asia's known as the leading lady of innovative beauty trends, and no wonder — the average Asian woman uses 27 products...
  5. Skin Care

    Happy new you: Bloggers share their skin care resolutions

    It's a new year, and it's time for a new you! Start your new look with an amped up skin care regimen — it's an easy change that will...
  6. Well-being

    Anti-aging yoga poses: The 5 Tibetan rites

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    The fountain of youth might be found in the ancient Tibetan five rites. The Tibetan five rites are a set of exercises with endless...
  7. Skincare

    The best face moisturizers for wintertime

    As the weather gets colder and windier, most women need to change up their skin care routine and give their face a little extra TLC....
  8. Skin Care

    5 Skin regions that you might be forgetting to anti-age

    We all want to live a full and long life, and it would be nice to look good while doing it. To age with beauty, do not forget to...
  9. Skin Care

    Tricks you never thought of for firmer skin

    There are many great things about getting older and aging, but we're pretty sure everyone will agree that sagging skin is not at the...
  10. Skincare

    How to customize your skin care by "multi-masking"

    If you are like most women, your skin has different needs depending on the season, time of month or even by level of stress in your...
  11. Healthy Recipes

    8 Foods that make you look older

    Do you desire to look younger and slow the aging process? If so, you'll want to eliminate these foods from your diet — pronto!
  12. Skincare

    5 Areas you're forgetting to anti-age

    It seems obvious to focus anti-aging efforts on our faces. After all, that's the first thing people see and the most visible part of...
  13. Skincare

    The popularity of laser facials explained!

    Find out how laser facials can take years off your face and why they're a celebrity favorite.
  14. Skin Care

    How to lift mature eyes with makeup

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    You may not be able to turn back the hands of time, but with a few smart makeup tips, you can seriously fake it!
  15. Skincare

    Facial exercises that fight aging

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    Are you one of the many women looking for a natural way to fight the aging process?
  16. Skincare

    What they don't tell you about Botox

    Have you looked in the mirror lately and seen frown lines forming between your eyebrows? Does the thought of injections in your face...
  17. Skincare

    CLA and retinols: How these ingredients fight aging

    If skin care and health are priorities for you, you probably have heard of proven ingredients, such as retinol and alpha hydroxy acids.
  18. Super Moms Guide

    Celeb moms reveal tricks to looking 7 Years Younger

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    How do celebrity moms like Gwyneth Paltrow, Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry keep their young and wrinkle-free skin?
  19. Skin Care

    Beauty innovations to add to your Christmas list!

    Anyone who loves trying new beauty products should be excited with the latest advances in hair care, skin care and makeup. Here are...
  20. Skincare

    Skin care secrets from Beauty Bootcamp

    Susan Van Dyke, M.D., led a Beauty Bootcamp to give expert advice on skin care options. Questions like, "What's with that Clarisonic...