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    Save Me ’s Anne Heche talks “rough patches” & 2nd chances

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    We’re chatting with Anne Heche about her new series on NBC, Save Me . In our interview, the actress shares her own experiences with...
  2. Movies & Reviews

    That’s What She Said movie review: Lizzy Borden’s Flying Circus

    Life as a single woman in your 40s is difficult, especially for this trio of lusty ladies led by Anne Heche down a spiraling path of...
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    Anne Heche plays BFF with a hangover in That’s What She Said

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    Anne Heche has to break the news to her BFF that her date just isn't coming over tonight in the new indie comedy That's What She...
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    Ladies like sex too in That’s What She Said

    Dating in New York City when your three best friends are less than normally obsessed with sex proves to be what one single woman...
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    Cedar Rapids: Ed Helms finds middle America

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    Bad things can happen at conventions. In the new film Cedar Rapids , Ed Helms gets a lesson in all things debauched. Haven't heard...