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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Ann Romney on DWTS : Producers can't afford Mitt's wife?

    Ann Romney on DWTS : Producers can't reach a deal with Mitt Romney's wife for Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars .
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Election Day: Why it sucks to be Michelle Obama or Ann Romney today

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    Can you imagine if your significant other was up for the most important job in the country, you had watched him work himself into...
  3. Fashion & Style

    Debate fashion: Mrs. Obama versus Mrs. Romney

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    The presidential debate and all post-buzz has centered around the two men up for the Oval Office, but let’s not forget about the...
  4. Television

    Ann Romney slated to host Good Morning America

    With the election only weeks away, Ann Romney's guest-host appearance on Good Morning America next week will give her a chance to...