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    Canceled: The latest shows to say 'bye-bye'

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    Oh, no! Canceling season is upon us! We've got the full scoop of what shows have made the full-season cut and what shows have...
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    The laughs stop here: NBC cancels Animal Practice

    A dark cloud is hovering over Animal Practice. The NBC sitcom has lost its ratings battle, and now its life. The network has...
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    Animal Practice sneak peek: Yams for Mayor

    When Dr. Yams saves Mayor Bloomberg's dog, Nasdaq, he earns some serious press. Will George get jealous? Probably. But isn't that...
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    Animal Practice review: Don’t suck up to the monkey

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    This menagerie of beasts makes for a wild, fast-paced comedy. The pilot features a tiger, a penguin and even a boa constrictor. If...
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    NBC's Animal Practice is out of control

    Between animals running rampant around the office and a quirky know-it-all vet, Animal Practice is anticipated to deliver quite a...
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    Fall TV 2012: Get a sampler of new shows on NBC

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    NBC is giving you a chance to see new fall shows before they officially premiere! Read on to find out the details.