animal behaviors

  1. Child Development & Health

    How to treat a dog bite

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    Whether it is the family dog or the neighbor’s pet pooch, dog bites in kids are very common. We chatted with experts to find what...
  2. Pets & Animals

    High on catnip: The science behind the kitty drug

    Ever wonder why your cat has such a funny reaction to catnip? The reaction is much more scientific than you may think. Here are the...
  3. Cats

    25 Random cat behaviors finally explained

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    Ever wonder why your feline roommate does the weird things that she does? Here's an expanded list of why our kitty friends act as...
  4. Cats

    Is it safe to let your cat roam free?

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    Have a kitty that loves the outdoors? Here are a few dangers to be cautious of when letting your feline roam free.