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    20 Celebrity moms with tattoos

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    We have rounded up photos of the coolest, craziest and most outrageous celebrity moms with tattoos. Find out the meaning behind the...
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    May movie preview: SheKnows picks the flicks

    May seems to be the month of superheroes fighting their foes, but one mean matriarch may just be the biggest villain of all....
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    15 Things to talk about other than Lindsay Lohan's sex partners

    A list of Lindsay Lohan's supposed celebrity lovers was found in a hotel bar, and it's become the talk of the tabloids. But in case,...
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    Angelina Jolie faces more surgery

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    Angelina Jolie has revealed plans to undergo more surgery in her quest for cancer prevention.
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    We've seen these celebrities naked MORE times than Lena Dunham

    As Hannah on Girls , Lena Dunham flashes her, um, girls so often we kinda feel like they're part of our social circle too. But...
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    Aww! Angelina Jolie's Maleficent costume made son Pax cry!

    Angelina Jolie is about to give kids all over the world nightmares with her portrayal of the scary villain in Maleficent . And she...
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    Brad Pitt didn't think he'd ever win an Oscar

    Brad Pitt took home his first Oscar Sunday night, but he seemed shocked to win the award.
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    2014 Oscars fashion: These celebs didn't quite get it

    The 2014 Oscars was filled with fabulous fashion, but we can't help being disappointed by a few stars' sartorial choices.
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    Celebrity mom style: Kate Hudson, Brooke Burke, Angelina Jolie

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    We have rounded up this week’s hottest celebrity mom looks, including Kate Hudson, who looked amazing in a yellow blouse paired with...
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    Angelina Jolie finally learns to cook for her fussy brood

    Being a Hollywood A-lister and a mom of six children must be quite a momentous task, especially when you can't cook! However,...
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    5 Coolest moments from Angelina Jolie's Tom Brokaw interview

    In an exclusive interview, Angelina Jolie opened up to NBC's Tom Brokaw about the new man in her life: World War II hero and former...
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    Kim K. or Beyoncé: Who has the most expensive engagement ring?

    Kate Middleton's engagement ring from husband Prince William was envied by girls all over the world. But it was far from the most...
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    10 Celebrities who stand up for gay marriage

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    Many celebrities support gay rights and marriage, but some voices stand out a little more than others. Here is a list of celebrities...
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    6 Hollywood darlings who used to be infamous

    These Hollywood darlings went through some terrible times before they found their rightful places in the spotlight.
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    Maleficent TV spot inspires dreams and nightmares

    Disney just gave us another reason to love Maleficent. She's cunning, terrifying and all-powerful. She's a woman who knows what she...
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    TRAILER: Angelina Jolie is horrifying in Maleficent

    Angelina Jolie is the creature that goes bump in the night. In Disney's Maleficent , she shows us a side of her that we've never...
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    13 Strongest women in film

    Whether they're roundhouse-kicking some major butt or taking a stand against something, many modern women of film could clearly add...
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    Will Angelina Jolie star as Nigella Lawson in new film?

    Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson's life has been filled with drama recently, but could that be just what Hollywood is after?
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    Once a cheater, always a cheater? Dean McDermott & more

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    Dean McDermott is in hot water this week amid rumors he stepped out on Tori Spelling while filming Chopped Canada in Toronto. But...
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    Feminists unite in 2013: 20 Most inspiring quotes

    From a 16-year-old activist who survived being shot by the Taliban to a country singer going to bat against weight bullying, women...