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  1. Entertainment

    American Idol : Mariah Carey gets diva over Nicki Minaj

    Icon Mariah Carey refuses to share the American Idol stage with Nicki Minaj — or any other female for that matter.
  2. Television

    Now Enrique Iglesias is supposedly joining American Idol

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    Enrique Iglesias and Keith Urban might be joining American Idol as judges, too. It's getting crowded up in here!
  3. Television

    Nicki Minaj is bringing her "Super Bass" to American Idol

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    We didn't expect this: Nicki Minaj is finalizing negotiations to join Mariah Carey as a judge on American Idol.
  4. Music

    Scotty McCreery two-steps right off the stage

    Scotty McCreery's body -- and his ego -- got a few bumps and bruises after he fell off stage during a concert.
  5. Music

    Steven Tyler opens up: Real reason he left American Idol

    It's been almost three weeks since Steven Tyler announced he was leaving the talent show. And, contrary to reports, the rocker is...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    American Idol: 5 ways to kill a super-popular show

    On May 21, 2003 American Idol enjoyed a viewership of 38 million people. On May 22, 2012 American Idol had a viewership of 15...
  7. Television

    Simon Cowell worries about Mariah Carey as a judge

    Simon Cowell commented today on the possibility of Mariah Carey making a fair judge, and what he says isn't good.
  8. Television

    American Idol announces 3 new ways to audition

    The same day they announced Mariah Carey as their new judge, Idol announced three new ways to audition for Season 12.
  9. Television

    Mariah Carey replaces Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

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    It's official: Mariah Carey will join FOX's American Idol this fall as a judge, replacing one of its two departing superstar...
  10. Television

    Mariah Carey could be one step closer to landing Idol gig

    With one judge definitely gone, and two more possibly on their way out, the show is looking to freshen things up for the new season.
  11. Television

    Steven Tyler and JLo go: Other ways Idol should adapt

    Somebody flipped the script on Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler! The now former judges of American Idol apparently didn't get the...
  12. Entertainment

    Were Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez asked to leave Idol ?

    After two of the three judges announced their departure this week, people are wondering if it was their choice to leave.
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Charlie Sheen quits Twitter, #winning jokes commence

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    Charlie Sheen quits Twitter! Is that a "winning" moment for the web, or the sad loss of one of the most unpredictable 140-character...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    5 Stars who should hide out on Friday the 13th

    Bad luck has been plaguing a few of our Hollywood favorites lately. Every day has been Friday the 13th for these wretched celebs....
  15. Television

    And then there was one: Jennifer Lopez also leaves Idol

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    Jennifer Lopez teased Thursday that she was considering an exit from American Idol . Well, it looks like her mind was already made...
  16. Television

    Aerosmith to Steven Tyler: It's us or American Idol

    Steven Tyler announced Thursday that he's leaving the long-running show for his far longer-running band, Aerosmith. With an upcoming...
  17. Television

    Another year of Steven Tyler on American Idol ? Dream on

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    It's over: Steven Tyler is officially off American Idol after two season on the show. Jennifer Lopez is probably next, so what...
  18. Television

    Adam Lambert to be upgraded to American Idol judge?

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    Adam Lambert and American Idol are like two peas in a primetime pod. The reality singing competition winner just may be returning...
  19. Entertainment

    Did Jennifer Hudson get cold feet?

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    The Grammy and Oscar winner has been through a lot since getting engaged four years ago, and a source said it had her...
  20. Entertainment

    J-Lo will release her greatest hits next month

    70 million album sales later, Jennifer Lopez is ready to release her greatest hits. Dance Again comes out July 24.