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    America's Got Talent : Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida and David Guetta blaze the stage!

    America's Got Talent has been producing top notch musical guests this season and they delivered big time with Nicki Minaj, Flo...
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    America's Got Talent : Last five semi-finalists move on!

    America's Got Talent put the final five semi-finalists through to the top ten Wednesday night. Did your favorite make the cut?...
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    America's Got Talent : Second round of semi-finalists compete!

    The second round of 12 semi-finalists hit the America's Got Talent stage Tuesday night in hopes of making it to the top 10.
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    America's Got Talent : Gymkana member okay after fire mishap

    America's Got Talent's Gymkana stepped up their acrobatic routine this week and they were on fire -- literally.
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    Watch Demi Lovato perform Skyscraper on America's Got Talent

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    Like a skyscraper, Demi Lovato truly does rise from the ground when faced with adversity. Keep reading to see her America's Got...
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    America's Got Talent : Five semi-finalists move on!

    Who's the first group of semi-finalists to move on and take a spot in the top ten of America's Got Talent ? Read on to find out...
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    America's got Talent : the semi-finals begin!

    Opera, danger and glow in the dark costumes -- you'll find it all on the semifinals of America's Got Talent .
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    America's Got Talent: Wild card results

    America's Got Talent revealed which second chance acts advanced to the semifinals Wednesday night. Read on to see if your favorite...
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    America's Got Talent's wild card round: The ultimate last chance

    America's Got Talent gave 12 acts the ultimate chance at redemption Tuesday night. Read on to see which wild card acts caught our...
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    Rebecca Black mashes it up on America's Got Talent!

    When we heard Rebecca Black was going to be part of the America's Got Talent YouTube results show, we couldn't contain our...
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    America's Got Talent YouTube results: Kevin Colis and more move on!

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    America's Got Talent delivered the results from Tuesday night's YouTube round and we have to say -- we're getting good at calling...
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    America's Got Talent's YouTube round: Watch Gabe Rocks pee on Piers Morgan!

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    We love the YouTube round of America's Got Talent -- especially when a dog pees on Piers Morgan! Read on for the details.
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    Just how much does Ashton Kutcher make?

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    While you're thinking about how little your paycheck is, this might cheer you up -- well, not really. TV Guide has the dish on...
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    Maroon 5's Got Moves Like Jagger on America's Got Talent

    Maroon 5 , fronted by Adam Levine of course, put on a fantastic show during America's Got Talent's results show Wednesday night....
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    America's Got Talent: Team iLuminate lights up the results

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    America's Got Talent has sent its final set of four from the top 48 through to the semifinals. Did our picks from Tuesday night...
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    America's Got Talent recap: Dancers tear up the final set of 12

    We've finally reached the end of the top 48 acts on America's Got Talent and the last 12 were a mix of guilty pleasures and...
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    Stevie Nicks on the edge of seventeen with America's Got Talent

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    America's Got Talent lent its stage to a legend Wednesday night -- Stevie Nicks. Read on to see what new and classic songs she...
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    America's Got Talent: The insane Professor Splash moves on

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    America's Got Talent put a third group of four through to the semifinals and we had a feeling Professor Splash would make the cut....
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    America's Got Talent: Professor Splash is absolutely nuts!

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    The judges kept saying this week's America's Got Talent was chock full of high caliber acts, but we were only impressed by a few.
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    America's Got Talent: Silhouettes, Steven Retchless and more move on!

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    America's Got Talent sent another set of four on to the next round and all our picks made it! Congratulations Silhouettes, Steven...