america's got talent

  1. Dating

    Same-sex salsa dance couple breaks so many stereotypes

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    One talented couple proved this week that a national stage — and serious talent — is all they needed to break down ideas of what...
  2. Music

    SheKnows Hangout: Live video Q&A with Lindsey Stirling

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    Join SheKnows correspondent Lauren Kelly for a live Google Hangout with artist and composer Lindsey Stirling on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Heidi Klum: You'll never guess who takes my sexy pics

    Heidi Klum admits that the photographer behind the racy photos she has been posting recently is none other than her own mom.
  4. Television

    AGT’s new judges Heidi Klum and Mel B talk hidden talents

    The new gorgeous ladies to join America’s Got Talent , Heidi Klum and Mel B, are talking to SheKnows about their own secret skills.
  5. Television

    First Look: America's Got Talent judges in New Orleans

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    It's almost time for America's Got Talent to return! But it's not too late to audition, either.
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Mel B booed at America's Got Talent auditions

    The new America's Got Talent judge gets a poor reception from the crowd as she begins her new duties in New Orleans.
  7. Television

    Heidi Klum joins America's Got Talent

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    NBC announced on Monday that they were moving forward with four judges for Season 8 of America's Got Talent. The cast includes...
  8. Television

    America's Got Talent : A Spice Girl's moving in

    America's Got Talent lost one Brit — and gained another. Spice Girl Melanie Brown is slated to replace Sharon Osbourne on the NBC...
  9. Television

    Howard Stern is back on America's Got Talent

    On his SiriusXM radio show today, shock jock Howard Stern announced he will be back for Season 8 of NBC's America's Got Talent .
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Shock-jock Howard Stern gives shockingly solid advice

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    Has Howard Stern gone tame? The notorious shock-jock has advice for the fame-hungry, and it makes a surprising amount of sense.
  11. Television

    Sharon Osbourne: The real reason I quit America's Got Talent

    Two weeks ago, Sharon Osbourne dumped America's Got Talent via Twitter, after fellow judge Howard Stern "outed" her plans. Now,...
  12. Movies

    What you've been missing on YouTube: Week of July 27, 2012

    Some weeks it can be tough to find videos worth sharing. This wasn’t one of those weeks! This Friday’s recap starts with the sweet...
  13. Television

    Sharon Osbourne dumps America's Got Talent on Twitter

    Sharon Osbourne is kicking America's Got Talent to the curb after a five-year relationship -- a move that blindsided NBC execs. To...
  14. Television

    America's Got Talent : Eeny, meeny, miny Tim Poe

    Two days of Vegas auditions have aired, and the competition is sizzling like a slab of bacon on the Vegas strip. The contestants...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    How to punish whopper-weavers like Timothy Poe

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    Timothy Poe won the hearts of the America's Got Talent audience (and a standing ovation, to boot) with what turned out to be a big...
  16. Television

    Howard Stern and Nick Cannon comment on Timothy Poe

    As rumors swirl around the news that Timothy Poe lied to get on the show, some of those involved with the show are sharing their...
  17. Television

    Timothy Poe tells a Texas TV station he really believed his lies

    After being caught lying, twice, what does he tell a Texas TV station about his past and why he said those things?
  18. Television

    America's Got Talent -- or does it?

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    Full disclosure -- I’m new to America’s Got Talent. Lifelong Howard Stern fan that I am, I knew this was one “talent” show I had to...
  19. Television

    Timothy Michael Poe tries to save his sinking ship of lies

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    America's Got Talent Timothy Michael Poe is still standing behind the sob story he told during his addition on the NBC reality...
  20. Television

    America's Got Talent sob story is a big fat lie

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    America's Got Talent hopeful Timothy Michael Poe told a sob story about being injured in Afghanistan during this week's auditions....