1. Television

    Fear the living in Season 3 of The Walking Dead

    After two immensely successful seasons, The Walking Dead will soon be back for a third. After debuting in 2010, the show has been a...
  2. Television

    Breaking Bad breaks ratings record

    After Dish announced they'd be pulling AMC before the season premiere of Breaking Bad , many were worried what the numbers would...
  3. Entertainment

    AMC uses Breaking Bad as a pawn in fight with Dish

    After contract negotiations broke down, Breaking Bad's network is trying to convince Dish subscribers to leave their service.
  4. Television

    Mad Men's Jessica Paré shares her beauty philosophy

    Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Jessica Paré -- who plays Megan Draper on Mad Men -- notes that one definition will...
  5. Television

    Unlikeable and dark -- Betty is back on Mad Men tomorrow!

    Get ready for Betty! January Jones' character returns to Mad Men tomorrow night, but Mrs. Francis doesn't seem too happy about it at...
  6. Television

    Mad Men's Jessica Paré on singing for Don and living room sex

    This past Sunday was a big night for Jessica Paré -- not only did Megan Draper debut as a married woman, but she also sang AND took...
  7. Television

    Ready for Mad Men season 5? Here's a season 4 refresher

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    It's finally here -- Mad Men returns to AMC with season five! Refresh your memory on season four before tonight's two-hour...
  8. Television

    Why isn't January Jones in Mad Men Season 5?

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    Fans are excited to reunite with the entire cast of Mad Men , but one key character is missing from both of Sunday's new episodes...
  9. Television

    Jon Hamm's trick to playing Don Draper on Mad Men

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    What's it like to play Don Draper on Mad Men? Drinking all day and rolling around with actresses all night can be "tiring" but Jon...
  10. Television

    5 Reasons why women should be watching Mad Men

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    If you've never tuned into AMC and flashed back to the 1960s world of advertising, you're missing out. Here's why you should watch...
  11. Television

    Jon Hamm and January Jones are no Don and Betty

    Jon Hamm and January Jones are perfect portrayals of Don Draper and Betty Francis. But are they anything like their outlandish...
  12. Television

    Mad Men's Jon Hamm wishes happiness for Don Draper

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    Everyone's favorite ad men are back! SheKnows hit the carpet at the Season 5 premiere of Mad Men to get the dish on "the best...
  13. Television

    Meet the Mad Men makeup collection from Estée Lauder!

    It's a fact that the women of Mad Men are transcendent beyond 1960s beauty -- and Estée Lauder has taken note.
  14. Television

    Jon Hamm opens up about co-star Christina Hendricks

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    Though Hamm and Hendricks have yet to couple up onscreen, the lead actor of Mad Men is fond of his co-star's beautiful physique.
  15. Television

    How mad was Matthew Weiner when fighting for Mad Men ?

    It's March -- the month of Mad Men 's highly anticipated return to AMC! So what were those negotiations about that pushed Season 5...
  16. Television

    Official: Mad Men returns, The Walking Dead expands!

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    AMC dished the deets on two big shows you've been faithful to and want more of. Keep reading to find out about the return of Mad...
  17. Television

    Hell on Wheels marches forward to season two

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    If there's one thing AMC knows, it's when to a renew an original series -- especially a period piece. The people who brought us the...
  18. Television

    The Walking Dead midseason finale closes with a bang!

    We're at the midseason finale point in The Walking Dead and after a season of watching get Carl shot and Lori finding out she's...
  19. Television

    The Walking Dead : "Cherokee Rose" highlights

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    Lori got a surprise and Shane kept quiet while paying his last respects to Otis on this week's episode of The Walking Dead .
  20. Television

    The Walking Dead : Did Carl survive episode two?

    The Walking Dead left us with the shooting of Carl last week, a moment that even diehard fans of the comic book appreciated. Read...