1. Television

    EXCLUSIVE: Will Gordon get the ax on Halt and Catch Fire ?

    Joe and Gordon are at odds in our exclusive clip from the July 13 episode of Halt and Catch Fire , titled "Giant."
  2. Television

    Netflix nabs screening rights to Breaking Bad spin-off

    Breaking Bad 's lawyer, Saul, is set to return to AMC and shortly after to appear on Netflix. That's right! There's news on Better...
  3. Television

    Low Winter Sun : Will Sunday's finale provide closure?

    AMC's other Sunday show comes to an end this week with a two-hour finale. Will anyone be around to tune in without Breaking Bad...
  4. Television

    Breaking Bad cooks up a satisfying finale

    Walter White returned for the finale, sporting a full head of hair and putting his affairs in order, leaving smiles on the faces of...
  5. Television

    Breaking Bad series finale prediction

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    This is a fictional representation of what could happen on the upcoming Breaking Bad finale. There's no wizardry involved, only...
  6. Television

    Low Winter Sun schedule changes

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    You won't find Low Winter Sun where you expect for the remainder of the season. We're here to steer you in the right direction so...
  7. Television

    Breaking Bad revisits its recipe for success

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    As a thank-you to fans, AMC goes back in time by releasing a season finale poster featuring a stark image of the RV where Walt and...
  8. Television

    Mad Men : Final season will span 2 years

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    AMC announced an expanded final season of Mad Men in two short bursts of seven episodes each, much like their current raging...
  9. Television

    Breaking Bad : Funniest Honest Trailer videos

    Breaking Bad premieres Sunday, and Honest Trailer is celebrating with its trademark epic-movie-voice guy and a whole heap of...
  10. How-To

    How to pretend you've watched Mad Men

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    Tired of being the only one who has nothing to say about Mad Men ? Have anxiety attacks at the thought of an Emmy party? Never...
  11. Television

    Mad Men recap: New York and L.A. share little in common

    Full disclosure: This Mad Men recap contains spoilers, but it was not written under the influence.
  12. Television

    Jon Hamm forced to put his package away by AMC

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    Jon Hamm is being forced to wear underwear by AMC after years of being able to swing freely in the breeze.
  13. Television

    Mad Men Season 6 promo released

    The briefest of peeks into the new season of Mad Men .
  14. Television

    Welcome to the Freakshow

    Who doesn't enjoy a little strange?
  15. Television

    Spoiled: What's ahead for Walking Dead

    Merle's back and swinging for a different team. (Not like that! But wouldn't he be appalled? Muahaha!) Will brotherly love conquer...
  16. Television

    You'll never see how The Walking Dead began

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    Wanna know how The Walking Dead's zombie outbreak started? The creator says, "Too bad." But, he offers up some other...
  17. Television

    AMC's The Killing not so dead after all?

    We haven't seen the last of The Killing . The AMC drama, which was canceled earlier this year, is on the mend. It may have found a...
  18. Television

    Fear the living in Season 3 of The Walking Dead

    After two immensely successful seasons, The Walking Dead will soon be back for a third. After debuting in 2010, the show has been a...
  19. Television

    Breaking Bad breaks ratings record

    After Dish announced they'd be pulling AMC before the season premiere of Breaking Bad , many were worried what the numbers would...
  20. Entertainment

    AMC uses Breaking Bad as a pawn in fight with Dish

    After contract negotiations broke down, Breaking Bad's network is trying to convince Dish subscribers to leave their service.