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    Who wants to have sex with Channing Tatum? "Everyone"

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    Amanda Seyfried isn't shy about expressing her carnal desires for former co-star Channing Tatum. Why? She knows everyone else feels...
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    New Les Miserables character artwork

    It's worn the crown of longest-running musical and graced countless stages across the world, but Victor Hugo's epic tale, Les...
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    Scary movie stars like Megan Fox who make crazy look good

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    Send me to the asylum! Whether they're burning proverbial bridges or burning down houses, Megan Fox and these other queens of scream...
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    Les Miserables film releases extended first look

    The actors and crew talk about what will make this version different from the others. The movie will include no prerecorded songs, a...
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    Trailer: Everyone fakes the funk for The Big Wedding

    Mark your calendars. This fall, an all-star cast led by Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton will appear in The Big Wedding. It's a...
  6. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    BFFs for brainy couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

    In the new Spider-Man reboot, Andrew Garfield plays a web-slinging superhero with a supersize crush on Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy....
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    Who's sexy in 2012? Charlize Theron, says Victoria's Secret

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    Need a little help figuring out who is sexy this year? Victoria's Secret has you covered. Read on to find out who made the hottest...
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    Why is Amanda Seyfried now a saucy brunette?

    Mamma Mia! star turns in her wholesome look to portray the complex and often tragic life of porn star Linda Lovelace in the new...
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    Sneaky, sneaky: Josh Hartnett & Amanda Seyfried dating

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    In Time actress Amanda Seyfried isn't single anymore! The blonde stunner has reportedly been dating hottie Josh Hartnett since...
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    Movie review: Gone

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    Amanda Seyfried stars in this tricky psychological thriller, where a mentally unstable young woman must fight for her sister's life....
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    Mais oui , Amanda Seyfried, we’ll learn French with you

    She sings, she dances, and she beats up bad guys. Is there anything Amanda Seyfried can’t do? The star of the new action thriller...
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    Celeb Hairstyle of the Week: Amanda Seyfried's perfect waves

    We have a total hair crush on Amanda Seyfried's perfect waves this week. Find out why in this week's installment of Celeb Hairstyle...
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    Daily celebrity buzz for February 2, 2012

    Check out today's top celebrity news from around the web including Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Seyfried and much more!
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    Amanda Seyfried is scared of being a ho

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    Amanda Seyfried says no casual sex for her, thanks: The Gone actress is "terrified" of being slutty. Why? It has nothing to do...
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    Sarah Jessica Parker replaces Demi Moore in porn bio

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    Sarah Jessica Parker will replace Demi Moore in a key role in the porn star biopic Lovelace , the filmmakers confirmed today.
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    Taylor Swift is in tune with Les Misérables

    Forget Nashville, Taylor Swift is tackling Hollywood. The award-winning singer has been offered a role in the big screen adaptation...
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    Exclusive: Amanda Seyfried is unstoppable in Gone trailer

    SheKnows gets an exclusive look at the new psychological thriller starring Amanda Seyfried that puts this victim face-to-face with...
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    Amanda Seyfried goes rogue in Gone trailer

    Amanda Seyfried is on a mission in the new trailer for Gone . The actress hits the ground running in the suspense thriller about a...
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    Amanda Seyfried's racy new role: Porn star

    Amanda Seyfried's next role takes her into risque territory. The actress is in negotiations to play late porn star Linda Lovelace in...
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    Justin Timberlake tells us his “boyhood fantasy”

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    The newest addition to the action movie genre, Justin Timberlake, tells SheKnows why he loved playing the “everyday hero” in In Time .