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    Live-action Beauty and the Beast : Our dream cast

    Now that Disney's announced a live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, we can't help but wonder who will take on our favorite roles.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Amanda Seyfried watches The Bachelor with Justin Long

    Amanda Seyfried finally opened up about her relationship with Justin Long and revealed they are actually quite normal and watch The...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Mean Girls ' Damian talks cliques, quotes, & the color pink

    Daniel Franzese, aka Damian, is a walking gold mine when it comes to all things Mean Girls .
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    Awkward moments you missed at the MTV Movie awards

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    The MTV Movie awards were filled with plenty of moments to remember: those you wish that you could forget and then something in...
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    Amanda Seyfried talks sex scenes, kissing Megan Fox

    Amanda Seyfried has played everything from a teen mean girl to a porn star, and she loves every role she takes on — and everything...
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    Amanda Seyfried proves security risk with Swiss Army knife

    Amanda Seyfried has discovered that there is a serious flaw in the airport security system. The star recently managed to pass...
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    Ted 2 Mila Kunis out, but guess who's in?

    Seth MacFarlane made a major change to the upcoming Ted sequel. Mila Kunis is no longer the film's first lady.
  8. Fashion & Style

    The year in fashion: A 2013 mood board

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    From the oh-so-chic Kerry Washington to the drop-dead gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence, these five A-listers hit the red carpet and the...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Amanda Seyfried: I go for "creeps"

    Amanda Seyfried doesn't go for the good guys, because as she has recently revealed, she prefers mysterious men with emotional issues.
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    Cute couple alert: Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long

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    A summer romance has blossomed between actors Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long. He seems pretty supportive of his lady's latest role...
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    INTERVIEW: Amanda Seyfried gets raw with Lovelace

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    Lovelace tells the story of one of the world's biggest porn stars. Amanda Seyfried spoke to SheKnows about taking on the risque...
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    Lovelace movie review: A sexy Raggedy Ann?

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    A lot of us are too young to remember the 1972 porno Deep Throat with the ridiculous premise that a woman’s clitoris was between...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Amanda Seyfried is now a porn expert after Lovelace role

    Amanda Seyfried delved into the porn industry for her newest role, but it doesn't mean it made her a fan.
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Amanda Seyfried took Lovelace role "to be recognized"

    Lovelace may be Amanda Seyfried's most daring role yet, but she said that was the point. She knows it may ruin her career, but she...
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    Amanda Seyfried stars as Linda Lovelace

    Amanda Seyfried is no longer a little girl — and she is proving this by tackling the upcoming film Lovelace , in which she portrays...
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    A-list actresses vying to play Hillary Rodham Clinton

    From Washington lawyer to first lady of the United States to secretary of state. Whoever lands the role of Hillary Rodham Clinton...
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    SheKnows has "epic" chat with the cast of Epic

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    SheKnows made an epic journey to New York City to sit down with the cast of the beautiful new animated film Epic in 3D . Find out...
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    Battle of the flicks: Epic vs. The Hangover Part III

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    A beautiful animated film about a magical forest in 3D hits theaters this weekend along with the third installment in The Hangover...
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    Epic movie review: Little people, big forest

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    This adventure in 3D makes for good family fun as the forest comes alive with tiny elflike creatures called Leafmen. Amanda...
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    The Big Wedding movie review: Diane Keaton's 9-hour orgasm?

    This multi-generational farce features the likes of Robert DeNiro, Susan Sarandon, Amanda Seyfried and Katherine Heigl as a...