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  1. Television

    Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan guests on Community

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    Fan favorite Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan makes a rare cameo appearance as the host of a vintage VCR game. His talent knows...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    AskMen's 99 hottest women: Who is the No. 1 hottie?

    More than one million people voted for their favorite desirable woman, and Game of Thrones won the race. Who is in the top 10?
  3. Television

    Community recap: Community was meant to be

    Abed unveils his "Crazy Quilt of Destiny" that proves the group was predetermined to meet and affect each other's lives.
  4. Television

    Community recap: The end of Troy and Britta

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    Troy and Abed pull a Freaky Friday switch so Troy can run from what he knows he has to do: break up with Britta.
  5. Television

    Community recap: Christmas at Greendale

    It's Christmas time at Greendale which means party at Jeff's house, Abed reacting to Die Hard and our least favorite side of Annie.
  6. Television

    Community recap: Singing puppets in hot air balloons

    The study group transforms into puppets as part of a therapy session to rehash a hot air balloon adventure gone wrong. There are...
  7. Television

    Community recap: How to catch a whale

    Dean Pelton tries to recruit a whale, Jeff spends bonding time with Pierce while Shirley and Troy go head to head in P.E.
  8. Television

    Community preview: Dean Pelton and the whale

    The study group splits up to tackle new projects, like whaling, P.E. and becoming and a frat boy.
  9. Television

    Community recap: This means war

    Oktoberfest, beer maidens, Nazi jokes, and World War II references. The Germans are ready to take over Greendale one study room at a...
  10. Television

    Community recap: Inspector Spacetime fun times

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    Troy and Abed's friendship runs into trouble at the Inspector Spacetime convention. Also, Annie goes a little crazy.
  11. Television

    Community recap: Capture the balls

    Community is finally back and the study group is trying to cope with knowledge that this will be their last year together (maybe...
  12. Television

    Alison Brie talks about Community kiss, new season

    Alison Brie shares thoughts on her character Annie, and how the show is really a lot darker than people realize.
  13. Fashion & Style

    The styles behind The Five Year Engagement

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    We can't wait to check out Jason Segel and Emily Blunt's chemistry in The Five Year Engagement (it hit theaters Friday!) and we're...
  14. Entertainment

    SheKnows interviews The Five-Year Engagement 's Alison Brie

    As a free-spirited British bombshell in The Five-Year Engagement , Alison Brie tosses a splash of the bubbly onto mainstream...
  15. Movies

    Movie review: The Five-Year Engagement

    According to this movie, your fiancee may not like what it says about you, especially if she’s a behavioral psychologist. But can...
  16. Movies

    Having a Scream with Alison Brie

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    Alison Brie is living a dream. Brie has a hit show with Community and is part of the ensemble cast of the sure-to-be-a-hit Scream...