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    True Blood 's Riley Smith says the show "ended it right"

    We talked with True Blood 's newest addition Riley Smith, who joined the final season during last night's episode as vampire Keith,...
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    INTERVIEW: What The Giver author Lois Lowry really thought about Meryl Streep as Chief Elder

    Perhaps you or child read this award-winning book in school. Well, you'll be delighted to know its accomplished author gives her...
  3. Television

    True Blood review: Season 7 premieres with death, of course

    The final season of True Blood is here, but not even all of the characters are sticking through until the end. Should you? Here's...
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    The Giver 's Odeya Rush and Alexander Skarsgard fearful "sharks will bite your fingers off"

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    Best known for her work in the film The Odd Life of Timothy Green , this young actress is as talented as she is beautiful.
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    EXCLUSIVE: Take a look at The Giver 's Katie Holmes' character poster

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    Give a glance to this intriguing poster that may reveal some precious secrets about Katie Holmes' role in this psychologically...
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    9 Speculations from True Blood 's new Season 7 photos

    Check out these nine just-released images from True Blood Season 7. We're speculating about what's in store for the final season.
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    5 Tasty moments from True Blood 's Season 7 trailer

    There's action, romance and, of course, lots of blood. Judging by the just-released promo, the final season of True Blood just may...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    PHOTO: Alexander Skarsgård drops trou in the South Pole

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    Alexander Skarsgård nude in the South Pole is quite the sight to see. Behold the latest photo of the True Blood actor to pop up on...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Does Taylor Swift have a thing for vampires?

    Does Taylor Swift have a new beau? Rumors reveal that the singer has moved on to an older man and has sunk her fangs into True...
  10. Television

    Alexander Skarsgard to return to True Blood Season 7

    After we saw Eric go up in flames in the finale of True Blood , our hearts burned along with him. How can we watch the show without...
  11. Television

    True Blood ending in 2014

    HBO Programming president Michael Lombardo announced today that the show will wrap up next summer with its previously announced 10...
  12. Television

    True Blood : What we'll be waiting for in Season 7

    Last night's season finale wrapped up the drama, took us down the road six months and introduced more drama. Now that we've had a...
  13. Television

    True Blood recap: Season 6 finale

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    Just when you thought True Blood couldn't introduce any more supernatural characters into the mix, Hep V mutates. Here come the...
  14. Television

    True Blood : Will Eric return?

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    This season Eric had his heart broken by Sookie, watched his sister die, saved everyone from Vamp Camp and then flew off into the...
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    Who's hotter: Alexander Skarsgard vs. Joe Manganiello

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    Parks and Recreation actress and comedian Mara Marini puts two of our favorite True Blood hotties head-to-head in our weekly...
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    Top 10 things we want in True Blood 's season finale

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    The season finale of True Blood Season 6 is right around the corner and enough with the sadness. We could use a good fix of...
  17. Television

    True Blood 's Michael McMillian talks the end of Steve

    In a moment that was both hilarious and sad, fans watched as Steve Newlin met the sun on the last episode of True Blood . Actor...
  18. Television

    True Blood recap: "Life Matters"

    True Blood remembered the times this week through Terry's funeral. A nice little episode that brought us back to the roots of the...
  19. Television

    True Blood recap: "Dead Meat"

    They're dead if they do, dead if they don't. Or just dead to begin with. The group that refuses to drink the new Tru Blood laced...
  20. Television

    True Blood recap: "In the Evening"

    Eric and Nora manage to escape from Vamp Camp, but they're the only ones not having a good time. The rest are getting some action...