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    PHOTOS: Hilaria Baldwin's outrageously sexy yoga poses

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    Alec Baldwin's wife demonstrates how she tamed that wild beast with her #hilariaypd Instagram series.
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    Sam Worthington & stalkerazzi: Are celeb reactions justified?

    Avatar star Sam Worthington was arrested Sunday for alleged assault against a paparazzo, adding to a long list of...
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    27 Shocking quotes from Alec Baldwin's "I quit" letter

    Alec Baldwin published an open letter on New York Magazine 's Vulture blog where he renders an opinion on everything from Shia...
  4. Super Mom Tips

    Hilaria Baldwin joins the Mommalogues

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    You may know her best as wife to actor Alec Baldwin and mom to their new baby girl Carmen Gabriela, but Hilaria Baldwin is also a...
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    Woody Allen & pals respond to daughter's accusations

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    Woody Allen has responded to his daughter Dylan Farrow's accusations of sexual abuse — and so have two of the stars she called out...
  6. Movies & Reviews

    2014 SAG Awards predictions: Breaking Bad ftw!

    In our annual bid for bragging rights, SheKnows predicts which stars will bring home a SAG Award in 2014. And hey, Bryan Cranston...
  7. Television

    Someone else just hired Alec Baldwin to host a show

    Alec Baldwin has no problem getting a job — but let's hope he keeps this gig. TCM is the latest network to take a risk on the star.
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    Alec Baldwin blames everyone but himself for getting fired

    Alec Baldwin is firing back after getting the axe from MSNBC on Tuesday, and he says there's a lot of blame to go around for what...
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    Joan Rivers defends Alec Baldwin with shocking language

    Joan Rivers has never kept her mouth shut. On Tuesday, she threw her support to Alec Baldwin in a shocking way.
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    You're fired! Alec Baldwin let go from MSNBC

    Alec Baldwin was just fired from his late-night show at MSNBC for his umpteenth homophobic rant against a photographer.
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    Ireland Baldwin is determined to defend her dad

    Alec Baldwin has once again found himself in hot water for his recent behavior and anti-gay slurs, but he does still have one person...
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    GLAAD, Anderson Cooper slam Alec Baldwin over gay slurs

    GLAAD and Anderson Cooper have both spoken up, slamming Alec Baldwin for using a gay slur against a photographer. The 30 Rock star...
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    MSNBC punishes Alec Baldwin for antigay rant

    Alec Baldwin's foul mouth just got him suspended from his MSNBC talk show — possibly for good.
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    Alec Baldwin's stalker sobs as she's found guilty

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    The woman accused of stalking Alec Baldwin has been convicted and sentenced to a lengthy jail term for her harassment.
  15. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Alec Baldwin's alleged stalker jailed for contempt of court

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    Oh, dear. The Alec Baldwin stalker case continues to develop and the emotional woman accused of harassing the actor has just been...
  16. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Did Alec Baldwin have an affair with his creepy stalker?

    Did he cheat and cover it up or does Alec Baldwin really have a creepy stalker? The first day of the case is dramatic and theatrical.
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    50 Most shocking celebrity tweets of 2013

    In the 17th century, duels were the public forum for duking it out. Today, we have Twitter. As the year comes to a close, we look...
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    9 Movie actors turned TV stars

    More often than not, it’s small screen actors that aim to make the leap from television to movies. However, some incredible movie...
  19. Television

    Alec Baldwin lands his own talk show, Up Late

    Will you stay up late with Alec Baldwin? We will!
  20. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    VIDEO: Alec Baldwin introduces new baby to the world

    Hilaria and Alec Baldwin would like you to meet someone very special to them: their new baby girl.