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  1. Entertainment

    The most "interesting" Oscar musical performances of all time

    The Best Original Song nominees have traditionally been performed at the Oscar ceremony, but which ones really stood out, either for...
  2. Entertainment

    Ethan Hawke jumps on the Oscars-bashing bandwagon

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    Ethan Hawke is no fan of the Oscars. The actor let his true feelings about the Academy Awards be known in a new interview with...
  3. Entertainment

    Then and now: Oscar nominees' fashion evolution

    Numerous Hollywood stars have been at the Oscars for years and even decades. How have some stars' fashion choices changed over the...
  4. Entertainment

    How the Oscars is trying to improve its cool factor

    Not yet, but he’s sure pulling out all the stops this year in an attempt to be cool. Oscar has stumbled onto a cold reality — his...
  5. Entertainment

    Harvey Weinstein: "Just get people to see your movie"

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    SheKnows attends The Wrap's annual Oscar party in Beverly Hills to celebrate this year's crop of nominees.
  6. Entertainment

    Real people sound off on Oscar-nominated movies

    Who decides which films are the best of the year? What does your average American think of these movies and their critical acclaim?...
  7. Entertainment

    Oldest and youngest Oscar nominees in years past

    The 2013 Academy Awards marks history in the making, as the nominees this year include both the oldest and youngest nominees ever in...
  8. Entertainment

    The Academy: It's "The Oscars"

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    About three weeks ago, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences changed the name of the show — but the Academy didn't tell...
  9. Wine & Drink Recipes

    3 Movie-themed cocktails for Oscars night

    No Oscars party is complete without a killer cocktail. Check out these delicious movie-themed cocktails so good you'd better plan...
  10. Entertainment

    Five surprising actors who've never won an Academy Award

    While many A-list actors have won an Academy Award or 10, some very big names have never graced the Oscar stage. Here are just a few...
  11. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Oscars party appetizer recipes

    Are you hosting a fun soiree at your home for the 85th annual Oscars? If so, forget serving regular dips and crostini. Serve up...
  12. Entertainment

    Joaquin Phoenix's PETA ad banned from the Oscars?

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    Is something fishy going on with Joaquin Phoenix's PETA ad? The animal rights group alleges it's been shut out of an opportunity to...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Matt Damon, Rihanna & Galifianakis: 3 vids for hump day

    It’s Wednesday, also known as hump day and here's a fun fact: Wednesday is the day people waste the most time on the internet. Okay,...
  14. Living

    DIY award show themed photo booth

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    Thinking of having a party this year to celebrate (and watch!) all of the awards shows? Well, there's absolutely no excuse not to,...
  15. Entertainment

    Meryl Streep and Octavia Spencer return for 2013 Oscars

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    On Tuesday, it was announced that last year's acting-category winners will return to present at the 85th Annual Academy Awards....
  16. Entertainment

    Inside the Oscar Nominees Luncheon

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    On Monday, over 160 nominees gathered in the Beverly Hilton ballroom to celebrate their nominations and each other in preparation...
  17. Living

    Host a celeb-caliber party for the awards shows

    It's hard for any gal to be anything but jealous of the glitz and glamour of the folks on the red carpet. Whether you like the...
  18. Home

    Decorating tips for an awards party

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    It's officially award season! You may not be able to strut down the red carpet in designer gowns, but you can still host an...
  19. Living

    How to make signature drinks for the Oscars

    Leave the wine, the boring gin and tonics, and the beer at the door of your Academy Awards party and have a few of these signature...
  20. Television

    Barbra Streisand added to the Oscars lineup

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    Proving that the producers are pulling out all of the stops for this year's Oscar ceremony, it was announced on Wednesday that...