abraham lincoln: vampire hunter

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    Did Abraham Lincoln put the final stake in the vampire movie?

    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opened to low box office sales, but is it just a sign that people are finally sick of hearing about...
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    Brave hits bull’s-eye with No. 1 at box office

    The girl-power movie about a fiery redheaded princess who doesn’t want to get married beats out the president who hates bloodsuckers...
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    Friday's box office winners and losers

    Friday night's box office sales are in, and the answers may surprise you.
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    Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie review: Un-civil war

    Who knew the antebellum south was riddled with vampires? Abraham Lincoln, that’s who! Yes, history has never been so weird. This...
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    Suck on this! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter new trailer

    Abraham Lincoln had a serious axe to grind. The 16th President of the U.S. was more than a politician. He was a slayer -- a vampire...
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    Hot trailer: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Abraham Lincoln was a vampire slayer? In the world of vamp lore, anything is possible. You know you’re intrigued. So are we!
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    Celebrity interview: Anthony Mackie is the “black friend” of Hollywood

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    With a recent rise to fame, actor Anthony Mackie is reaping the benefits of being everybody's new best friend.