1. Living

    GoFundMe sparks controversy by removing campaign to fund abortion

    If you're a Facebook user, then odds are you've seen a crowdfunding link on your feed. Everyone is doing it. And if you haven't...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Mindy Kaling: Abortion is just not funny

    Mindy Kaling says she misspoke when she said abortion doesn't belong on sitcoms — but we still shouldn't expect to see it on her own...
  3. Tips & Advice

    Teen's DIY abortion lands mom in prison

    A Pennsylvania woman is going to prison over her teen's at-home abortion. Money's tight, I get that. But that doesn't warrant giving...
  4. Tips & Advice

    Dangerous misconceptions about Down syndrome and abortion

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    If you have a choice and you're told more than 90 percent of people choose A over B, are you more likely to choose A? Do you wonder...
  5. Relationships

    Man cooks abortion pancake, kills his girlfriend's baby

    A Kansas man will be arraigned on Sept. 9 for allegedly killing his pregnant girlfriend's baby. The woman was unaware he had slipped...
  6. Women's Health

    Young woman films her abortion to change the stigma

    Emily Letts, like in one in three women, got an abortion. Unlike most women who make that decision, however, Letts, a 25-year-old...
  7. Women's Health

    Texas state senator Wendy Davis filibusters abortion bill

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    Texas state senator Wendy Davis is in the middle of a 13-hour filibuster to block a GOP-led effort to restrict abortion access in...
  8. Women's Health

    Obama vs. Romney: What they think about abortion and Planned Parenthood

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    Get out your political boxing gloves and find your voting location, ladies. Women might determine who sits in the Oval Office for...
  9. Pregnancy

    Birth or Not website ignites public furor

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    Minnesota couple Pete and Alisha Arnold ignited a firestorm of controversy when Gawker uncovered their website dedicated to the...