1. Television

    (Almost) T minus zero hours to Zero Hour

    Here's the lowdown...
  2. Television

    Is Diane Sawyer really considering retirement?

    A source reportedly told the New York Daily News that Diane Sawyer is ready to hang it up sometime soon, but no one bothered to ask...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Katherine Webb dives back into the spotlight

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    Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, didn't stay away from the spotlight too long. She joins the cast of...
  4. Television

    Preview: The return of Bunheads , baby!

    When last we visited Bunheads' Paradise, California, things were... kind of a hot mess. Check out this recap and then watch a sneak...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Website reveals possible Oscar nominee

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    Did the website accidentally reveal a nominee one week ahead of time?
  6. Television

    Reality Steve sued again by The Bachelor 's producers

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    Reality Steve, the spoiler website for The Bachelor , is being sued again by producers. They believe that website founder Steve...
  7. Television

    Nashville: The Whole Story tonight!

    These boots were made for drama, y'all!
  8. Television

    ABC Family has its very own musical

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    Did you have any idea that Tia Mowry or Tori Spelling could sing? We didn't either! They don't sound too shabby in The Mistle-Tones,...
  9. Television

    It's officially Christmastime! (According to ABC Family)

    Are you ready for ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas? We are!
  10. Television

    NBC's Hurricane Sandy telethon brings in $23 million

    NBC held its telethon for hurricane relief on Friday night and brought in millions for victims of the storm.
  11. Television

    ABC brings the giggles when kids recap Revenge

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    What's more mind-boggling than the plot of Revenge ? The plot of Revenge through the eyes of grade-school kids. Still, they're...
  12. Fashion & Style

    Happy Endings ' stylish stars: Elisha, Eliza & Casey

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    They’re known for their lightning quick wit, but did you also know the ladies of ABC’s Happy Endings have stellar style?...
  13. Television

    Nashville sneak peek: Let the cat fights begin

    Nashville 's latest sneak peek gives an inside look at one cold hard truth about the music industry -- it's a business full of ego....
  14. Television

    Gay characters on the rise on network TV

    They're out, loud and proud. A new study says there are more gay and bisexual characters on prime-time network drama and comedy...
  15. Television

    Welcome to the neighborhood! BTW, it's filled with aliens

    Moving away from friends and into a new home can be hard enough sometimes. But what if you relocated your family, just to put them...
  16. Television

    Everything you need to know about ABC's Last Resort

    ABC has added Last Resort to its roster of new fall TV shows, and it looks like a mix between The A Team , Temptation Island...
  17. Television

    Hayden Panettiere ready to sizzle in Nashville

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    Get your cowboy boots and plaid T-shirts ready... ABC's new series Nashville is going to be competing with the already successful...
  18. Television

    666 Park Avenue promises to be devilishly good

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    We've all heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true... " but on ABC's new drama series, 666 Park...
  19. Television

    Does ABC have another hit on its hands with 666 Park Avenue ?

    At the ominous-sounding "666 Park Avenue" all your desires will be fulfilled. But, as always, it comes with a devilish price. With...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Farewell to creativity: Kelly Clarkson is too happy for tears

    The original American Idol is in a relationship. But what if you've made a career out of empowering songs and tearful ballads? It's...