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    VIDEO: 5 Reasons Zendaya is meant to play Aaliyah in upcoming biopic

    Lifetime has just cast teen star Zendaya in the upcoming Aaliyah biopic.
  2. Music

    Aaliyah's family is not happy with release of posthumous song

    It has been over 10 years since the singer's death, but her fans have been waiting to hear the recordings she was working on when...
  3. Music

    Musicians remember Aaliyah on her birthday

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    Late R&B superstar Aaliyah would be celebrating her 33rd birthday today. Find out how friends and celebrities are honoring her memory.
  4. Music

    Remembering Aaliyah: 10 years after her death

    On August 25, 2001, R&B singer Aaliyah was involved in a fatal plane crash that ended her life at the age of 22. Today marks the...