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    Dexter series finale review: The end is shocking

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    The ending is definitely bold... and weird, but the best episode of Dexter we've seen in a long time. The show goes out in a way...
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    Dexter series finale sneak peek

    In true fashion, Dexter won't be going out with a bang but with a stab. No matter the fate of our favorite serial killer, rest...
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    Dexter : Ranking the best and worst seasons

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    From best to worst, Dexter has captivated audiences since Season 1. Now that it's almost over, it's time to decide our favorites....
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    Dexter spoilers: Will Deb die?

    The ending of Dexter is just a few weeks away — and rumors are flying. So what will be the fate of our favorite serial killer?...
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    Dexter spoilers: The Brain Surgeon's identity is revealed

    We are about to discover the identity of the Brain Surgeon (in case we don't already have a pretty clear guess). But Dexter may...
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    Dexter recap: "Are We There Yet?"

    Dexter has Hannah on the brain while Zach loses his. Is the brain surgeon back? Or maybe s/he never left.
  7. Television

    Dexter recap: "Dress Code"

    In true Dexter fashion, accidents have consequences. Namely, bodies piling up — and not the bodies of the bad guys we expect to see.
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    Dexter recap: "A Little Reflection"

    Episode 6 marks the halfway point for Dexter 's final season, and the show is just peaking through the clouds of familiarity....
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    Dexter recap: "This Little Piggy"

    A happy family is an early heaven. No big deal that Deb tried to kill Dexter. They're killing serial killers and dumping the bodies...
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    Dexter recap: "Scar Tissue"

    Deb plans a killer crash course for Dexter. And just when we thought she might be back to her lovable, f-bomb dropping self. How...
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    Dexter recap: "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?"

    It's confession time for Deb, who has so much guilt that the alcohol can't wash it away. Good thing Quinn still can't see the bad in...
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    Watch it or read it: Popular books with serious screen time

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    There is always controversy when a book gets made into a movie or a television show. TV and movie watchers appreciate seeing the...
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    Dexter recap: "Every Silver Lining"

    Tonight on Dexter , Deb may have more of the killer gene than we anticipated, but she's operating without a code which could lead...
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    Man Candy Mondays: Desmond Harrington

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    With the premiere of Dexter , Season 8, right around the corner comes a new opportunity to tune in to Desmond Harrington on a...
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    Top 5 things we want in Dexter 's final season

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    There are 12 episodes left of Dexter until we say goodbye to the show, but there's still so much we want to see.
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    Top 10 reasons why we'll miss Dexter

    The show is in its final season and life without our favorite serial killer just won't be the same.There are so many reasons why....
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    Dexter recap: "A Beautiful Day"

    She obviously doesn't have the psychopath gene. Poor Deb is taking her first kill hard, snorting lines and sleeping with a drug...
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    VIDEO: First Dexter Season 8 teaser

    Showtime releases a brand-new preview for Dexter Season 8. It's bloody... and creepy.
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    TV match-ups: outrageous weddings

    These kids belong together! Even if their characters aren't on the same shows, networks or centuries as one another.
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    It's (nearly) official: Season 8 is the end for Dexter

    A Showtime exec lets the big news slip during an interview: Dexter is over.