666 park avenue

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    666 Park Avenue recap: A journey into the past

    With the help of Whoopi Goldberg, Jane discovers what happened the night she went down the stairs.
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    666 Park Avenue recap: You have to pay to play

    After Jane is found wandering the streets of Manhattan with no recollection of what happened to her, she's put under watch at a...
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    Shocker! ABC cuts 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort

    Two more bite the dust. ABC has given 666 Park Avenue and Last Resort the boot. Despite their stellar casts, the ratings were in a...
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    666 Park Avenue recap: Don't let Jane leave

    In a desperate attempt to keep Jane in New York, Henry plans to propose. But, will he be able to pop the question before The Drake...
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    666 Park Avenue recap: You think I'm crazy?

    Jane is having a tough time proving the ghost with the hatchet tried to kill her. Will she finally say she's had enough of this...
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    666 Park Avenue recap: Haunted Halloween

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    It doesn't get more haunted than The Drake on Halloween, and this year's bash means someone is definitely going to die!
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    666 Park Avenue recap: Another one bites the dust

    The Devil has a way of convincing people to be pawns in his scheme, but poor Annie's played her part to a fault. When will the...
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    666 Park Avenue recap: Don't let him out

    After a midnight trip to the laundry room, Jane discovers that sometimes "the dead don't stay dead."
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    666 Park Avenue recap: Don't mess with the birds

    Don't let appearances fool you. There are a lot of secrets hiding behind the beautiful walls of The Drake and they are just dying to...
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    Whoopi Goldberg gives The Drake a new point of view

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    666 Park Avenue is getting a new resident. The View 's Whoopi Goldberg is visiting ABC's hottest new address. The host and...
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    666 Park Avenue recap: Devilish dealings

    There are times in life when you should take a risk on something that seems too good to be true, and then there are times when you...
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    666 Park Avenue : Meet the landlords from hell

    Be careful what you wish for. ABC's 666 Park Avenue can turn your biggest dream into your worst nightmare. Behind the glitz and...
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    666 Park Avenue promises to be devilishly good

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    We've all heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true... " but on ABC's new drama series, 666 Park...
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    Does ABC have another hit on its hands with 666 Park Avenue ?

    At the ominous-sounding "666 Park Avenue" all your desires will be fulfilled. But, as always, it comes with a devilish price. With...
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    Fall 2012: 8 New shows we're dying to watch!

    It's that time of year again. The TV upfronts have come and gone, and there's a fresh batch of shows ripe for the watching. Amongst...