50 days of family fun

  1. Family Fun

    How to paper mache

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    Paper mache projects are easy and fun, and you probably already have most of the supplies at home. You can create numerous projects...
  2. Family Fun

    How to play paper airplane races

    Teach the kids to fold their own paper airplanes and watch their creativity soar.
  3. Family Fun

    How to play family poker

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    Teach your kids how to bet and bluff with a fun family poker night.
  4. Family Fun

    How to play charades

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    Pantomime skills are all kids need to have barrels of fun playing this classic game.
  5. Family Fun

    How to play at home bingo

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    Letters and numbers add up to family fun during at home Bingo night.
  6. Family Fun

    How to plan an educational game night

    Who says game night can't combine both family fun and an educational opportunity? There are many family board games that your...
  7. Family Fun

    How to fit In family time tonight

    As kids gear up for another year of school and extracurricular activities, calendars are already filling up, causing many parents to...