50 days of family fun

  1. Family Fun

    How to have an at-home treasure hunt

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    Nothing is more intriguing to a child than the idea of hidden treasure. Whether you need a great rainy day activity, a birthday...
  2. Family Fun

    How to have a family staycation

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    With tough economic times, many families are pulling back on extras -- vacations included. Cutting back on expenses does not have to...
  3. Family Fun

    How to get kids talking

    Watching your children grow and learn is wonderful. It's also terrifying because you don't always know what they're thinking. Ask...
  4. Family Fun

    How to be the cool mom

    You would think that being an adult and a parent would preclude you from silly high school social games and issues, but many mothers...
  5. Family Fun

    How to hold family Olympics

    Even though today's families sometimes have a tough time squeezing in a little family time, some fun and games can still reel in...
  6. Family Fun

    How to build a fort

    What every kid knows: A fort is a magical place where anything can happen. Creating a fort that's the envy of the neighborhood kids...
  7. Family Fun

    How to have a family bake-off

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    You've done game night, movie night and wear-your-pajamas-to-dinner night. Now, the family is sitting around staring at the TV like...
  8. Family Fun

    How to make soda bottle butterflies

    Not sure what to do with those empty plastic soda bottles? Transform them into beautiful butterflies. This project is both fun and...
  9. Family Fun

    How to have a family cook-off

    If you have a family of would-be chefs who competes constantly for top kitchen honors, make the contest official by staging a family...
  10. Family Fun

    How to start a family rock band

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    If your family loves to rock out, start a family band. If you don’t have access to instruments, just use whatever you find around...
  11. Family Fun

    How to make personalized placemats

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    There is no limit to the fun you and your kids can have making personalized placemats, and it will make mealtime more fun, too. To...
  12. Family Fun

    How to make woven paper mats

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    If you need an activity to keep your kids busy while you get dinner on the table, woven paper mats are the perfect fun and...
  13. Family Fun

    How to make handprint mosaics

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    You don't have to order a special kit to preserve your child's handprint. You can make your own handprint mosaic on your next trip...
  14. Family Fun

    How to make a soda-can windchime

    We all know it’s best to recycle aluminum cans, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw them in the recycling bin. Put those soda...
  15. Family Fun

    How to make cardboard guitars

    If you have a big cardboard box sitting around, turn it into a cardboard guitar! Your child will think you’re a rock star – and...
  16. Family Fun

    How to make milk jug animals

    Making milk jug animals is a great way to get your child’s creative juices flowing. You can make almost any animal imaginable,...
  17. Family Fun

    How to scrapbook a vacation

    Making a vacation scrapbook is a fun way to keep those memories alive and remind children of their family vacation. You can bring...
  18. Family Fun

    How to decorate picture frames

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    A decorated picture frame is a wonderful way to personalize a photo and commemorate a special vacation, holiday or family gathering....
  19. Family Fun

    How to make a family tree

    If you’re looking for a family project, consider making a family tree. Not only does it give your kids a chance to step away from...
  20. Family Fun

    How to make posters

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    Kids love to make posters for any occasion -- garage sales, children's parties, fundraisers or as decorations for their rooms. Your...