30 rock

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    Remember this show? ALF

    Move over, Ted. You may be bringing in the big bucks at the box office, but you aren't the first smart-alecky talking animal on the...
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    5 Shows to watch while crying over the Viacom dispute

    You may have lost some of your favorite channels, but you may be able to entertain yourself in the same way. Below, a list of the...
  3. Entertainment

    Alec Baldwin donates $1 million to the NY Philharmonic

    After a bumpy couple of weeks, the star ends on a high note. He has a new wife and today donated $1 million to the organization...
  4. Parenting

    Have Tina Fey's prayers for her daughter been answered?

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    When Tina Fey's New York Times bestselling book Bossypants was published last year, her daughter, Alice was 5 years old and Fey was...
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    NBC rolls out fall season premieres

    With many shows at the end of their lives, NBC is relying on a few newcomers to carry their schedule.
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    NBC says yes to Community, Parenthood and 30 Rock

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    Community is no longer on the bubble. The NBC comedy has been renewed for a fourth season, along with Parenthood and 30 Rock ....
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    30 Rock Live : A Mad Man , a Kardashian and a Beatle

    30 Rock went live (again) and there were celebrity cameos galore. Last night, the cast and crew put on two shows for both coasts...
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    Alec Baldwin reveals 30 Rock's uncertain future

    The end is near for NBC's long-running comedy, 30 Rock . Series star Alec Baldwin has once again given an update on the show's...
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    Confirmed: Community gets a return date...

    Get out your big red pens and mark your calendars. The creator of Community has released the return date for fan favorite Community...
  10. Television

    30 Rock unleashes "S**t Liz Lemon Says" video

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    Tina Fey's greatest hits as Liz Lemon, 30 Rock's knee-slapping television writer/hostess, have gone viral. Check out NBC's new...
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    Funny girls unite: Emma Stone to guest on 30 Rock

    Emma Stone is heading to the small screen. The Hollywood "it girl" has landed a guest spot on NBC's 30 Rock. The actress will rub...
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    Tina Fey: Blame me for Alec Baldwin's plane debacle

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    Tina Fey says she deserves the blame for Alec Baldwin's confrontation with American Airlines staff. Who knew the comedian was such a...
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    30 Rock gets lucky with Kim Jong-Il death

    30 Rock kicks off its sixth season on Thursday, Jan. 12, but there's just one little problem -- an important storyline on the show...
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    Midseason shows that will heat up your winter

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    After you've popped the bubbly and rang in the new year, what's left to do come Jan. 1? You could always grab the clicker and settle...
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    Liz Lemon returns: 30 Rock's season six preview

    The Jan. 12 return of 30 Rock is sure to cure our winter blues. Keep reading to see a preview of season six, which offers an...
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    TV comedies wake up to Golden Globe glory

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    The awards season is upon us and with the WGA, PGA and SAG award nominees announced, it was time to focus on the Golden Globes...
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    Alec Baldwin has a post 30 Rock plan

    Alec Baldwin is making the leap from TV to radio with his own podcast. The 30 Rock star has joined forces with WNYC radio to host...
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    2011 Primetime Emmy Awards: Comedy predictions...

    We’ve been asking for your take on a few of the 2011 Emmy categories and now it’s our turn to make our own predictions – starting...
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    Remember when up all night meant you were out on the town?

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    Christina Applegate, Will Arnett, Maya Rudolph and the Saturday Night Live crew take on parenthood as only they can in NBC's Up All...
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    The Emmy race is on for Outstanding Comedy Series!

    They're funny, unpredictable and keep us on our toes! They are your 2011 Emmy nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series.