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Wake Up With Amplicom USA’s TCL 200 Amplified Alarm Clock With Wireless Shaker!

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Wake Up With Amplicom USA’s TCL 200 Amplified Alarm Clock With Wireless Shaker!

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Amplicom USA Alarm Clock

Waking up is hard to do! If you’re one of the 36 million Americans with hearing loss, or simply a deep sleeper, a beep, buzz or ring from a traditional alarm clock may not be sufficient to get you out of bed on time. Now, Amplicom USA, the leader in amplified telephones designed for people with hearing loss, offers another practical solution with its new TCL 200 amplified alarm clock. This clock is the first on the market with the dividend of a wireless, under-the-pillow vibration pad, or “shaker.” That means the sleeper has the option of waking up to a loud, 90dB signal, a vibration or both. The chargeable shaker holds its charge for up to 80 hours, and slips easily under a pillow, with no wires to encumber the sleeper. As an added bonus, the clocks have plug-in connections for any phone so that the shaker will also vibrate to signal an incoming call.

The TCL 200 offers a number of special features that take into account various needs and preferences. These include adjustable volume and tone controls, large, easy-to-read illuminated numerals, a choice of five different alarm patterns, back-up batteries for power outages, and a snooze button with 0, 5 and 15 minute delays. The TCL 200 also offers an added “talking” feature for low vision users. It will announce the time and alarm time in a programmable choice of one of five languages:  English, Spanish, French, German or Italian. It also allows users to program multiple alarm times simultaneously, and can be programmed to sound/vibrate only on weekdays, only on weekends, or every day.

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Prize: Amplicom USA Alarm Clock
Number of prizes: 2
Estimated Value: $99.95
Contest start date: December 10, 2012
Contest end date: January 10, 2013
Open to: US residents 18 & over

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