Beach-Proof Beauty And Poolside Products

We all know how these warm vacation months can bolster the need for waterproof products, and these beauty basics will fill your beach bags perfectly. The next few months call for a less-is-more mentality, and simplicity is key. Check out these summer essentials that every woman should add to her makeup regime.

Maybelline Volum' Express "Falsies" waterproof mascara

Top 6 waterproof beauty products for summer 2013

(Walmart, $6)

Who says you can't bat your eyelashes on the beach? This product will not only make your lashes long, but it's long-lasting. Feel free to splash around in the waves this summer with this flake-free mascara must-have, but try not to distract the lifeguard too much.


Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian clay waterproof concealer

Top 6 waterproof beauty products for summer 2013

(Sephora, $22)

You may not be going all natural with this full-coverage concealer, but with Tarte's earth-engineered approach to beauty, you most definitely will be giving the illusion that you are. This product's skin-invigorating ingredients will not only make for an even complexion, but it won't clog your pores.


Tarte clay matte waterproof mineral powder bronzer

Top 6 waterproof beauty products for summer 2013

(Sephora, $29)

Get that natural-looking glow on the go with Tarte's best-selling mineral powder bronzer. As much as we all aspire to be mahogany goddesses by befriending the summer sun, too much exposure can be detrimental to our skin. With this alternative solution, you can still achieve that same bronzed look without all the harsh repercussions.


Urban Decay's 24/7 glide-on eye pencil

Top 6 waterproof beauty products for summer 2013

(Sephora, $19)

OK, so perhaps adding eye liner to our summer make-up system may deviate a bit from a more natural look, but sometimes looking like a Bond girl mysteriously emerging from the ocean is totally necessary. Besides, who doesn't want to look fierce? And that's how you'll feel knowing you've avoided those post-pool raccoon eyes


Laura Geller’s Lip Pops waterproof lip gloss

Top 6 waterproof beauty products for summer 2013

(, $17)

Achieve a persistent pout with six different waterproof shades to select from. Who wants to leave their lip color behind on their summer cocktail glass, when it looks so much better on you?


Smashbox Photo Finish lid primer

Top 6 waterproof beauty products for summer 2013

(Sephora, $20)

This eye shadow primer enables color to stay fresh and stick throughout the day. And for those minimal makeup days, it also doubles as a lid highlighter, creating a bright look and making your eyes pop. This product will most definitely add to every woman's poolside strategy.

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