Totally Shaping Denizen bootcut and skinny jeans
Product review

Slimming denim at affordable prices

Looking for jeans that fall somewhere between “mom jeans” and juniors? Totally Shaping Denizen bootcut and skinny jeans could be the winning combination of stretch and mid-rise at a price so affordable you can invest in several styles. Find out how well they shaped me when put to the test.

When it comes to finding the perfect fit, buying jeans can be a tedious, depressing endeavor. I’ve had very little luck in the past with inexpensive brands of jeans.

My best fits have come from designer brands that usually have to be hemmed, which just adds to the cost. On a whim, I tried on a pair of Denizen Totally Shaping skinny jeans at Target and was shocked at what I discovered.

Slimming and stretchy

Denizen Totally Shaping jeans sound like they’ll feel like support garments. Who wants to wear jeans that make you feel like you’re a sausage? Fortunately, these jeans fit perfectly and have enough stretch to feel comfortable all day long. They don’t lose their stretch if you wear them a few days without washing. They don’t gap at the waist for me, despite my small waist-to-big-butt ratio. For those of us who have outgrown low-cut jeans, the Totally Shaping line has a nice mid-rise that isn’t too high but doesn’t cause terminal muffin top either. I wear a 29 in most designer brands and I found that a size 8 in these jeans fits nicely.

Nice details and quality

I wish these jeans came in more colors and shapes, considering how addicted I am to them and how much I love wearing them. The bootcut jeans in "sunflower" have a back pocket with a button, which isn’t my preference; I find it difficult to tuck my phone into my back pocket when there’s a button flap. The skinny jeans have a nice embellishment on the back pocket that gives them a touch of designer appeal without being too fussy. Denizen jeans feel like high-quality jeans. They’re soft but strong, and wash well.

Totally Shaping Denizen bootcut and skinny jeans

The final verdict

I now own two pairs of Totally Shaping skinny jeans, two pairs of bootcut jeans and a pair of capris. For less than $30 a pair, these jeans are a total steal. I’ve been wearing them constantly for six months and they haven’t lost shape or shown signs of wearing out in the dryer. The only downside of Denizen denim is that the jeans won’t fit well for tall women wearing heels. If you need extra-long denim, you’ll have to stick to long designer brands or brands like Old Navy that carry a longer length option. I have recommended Denizen Totally Shaping jeans to all of my friends and I haven’t heard a complaint yet. Target is the only store that carries Denizen by Levi's, so pick them up in stores or online (Target, $28).

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Comments on "Product Review: Denizen Totally Shaping jeans at Target"

Nikki June 28, 2013 | 9:16 PM

I am so bummed that target stopped carrying the totally shaping boot cut jeans! Target pleasebring them back or at least some other retail should I would be there best customer!!!

Shelley May 23, 2013 | 6:07 AM

These are my favorite jeans, fit great, look great and are comfortable!

Cheyenne April 23, 2013 | 12:55 PM

I just found these jeans and absolutlety feel in LOVE w/ them. The sad new is I just found out Target has stopped selling the totally shaping bootcut

Zoe April 15, 2013 | 2:31 PM

Great article! I have also been wearing these jeans for about a year now and I require the "long" length. You can buy them online at Target.

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