Product review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Express
product review

Great brows
or bust?

Anastasia Soare is Hollywood’s go-to eyebrow specialist. But does her Beauty Express kit for brows and eyes really deliver red carpet results? SheKnows puts it to the test!

What it promises

The portable brow maintenance kit ($40) includes a sampling of some of Anastasia's core brow products. This kit includes everything you need for perfectly groomed brows on the go. The portable palette contains brow powder duo, brow wax, stencils and an angled brow brush with a mirror and instructions, all in one convenient place.

To get started, I followed the direction sheet included in the kit and these pro tips on the website:

  1. Select a stencil that fits the most of your natural brow hair through the cutout.
  2. Apply brow cream using the brow brush to help the brow powder adhere. Clean the brush of any excess wax. Wax can also be used to set brows and keep them in place all day.
  3. Align the stencil to brow and apply powder using the brow brush.
  4. Remove the stencil and tweeze hair outside the powdered area (tweezers not included).
  5. Apply shadow to enhance brow bone, lids and inner corners of eyes.

How it held up

The kit comes in two shades, brunette and blonde. I used brunette to match my darker hair color. I did notice that my newly enhanced eyebrows appeared more prominent and seemed to help frame my face a bit better. I tried using the included stencils but it was a bit hard to hold them and apply the powder at the same time; practice would help. I finished up the look with the highlighting shade and used the same powders to create a subtle smoky look. The angled brush was a nice bonus.

The bottom line

This is a good tool to enhance the brows and help complement a daily makeup routine. After testing the Anastasia products, I would use the travel kit again, but mostly for its convenience. The all-in-one package fits into my purse and I can use it to freshen up my eye makeup, too.

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