Kwanzaa decor

In addition to the gifts many families exchange in celebration of Kwanzaa, there's a lot of decorating to prepare for the festivities. We've rounded up a handful of decor options to best suit your Kwanzaa needs.

A holiday guide for all your Kwanzaa needs

As with many holidays, it's important to recognize that the symbolism of the items, rather than the monetary value, is what's important.

Holiday decorations are often treasured family heirlooms, so you may be ready to spend more for top quality. With all this in mind, we've tracked down some of the best Kwanzaa deals for a range of budgets.

Kwanzaa Arc Candleholder & Celebration Set

Celebration set

This Kwanzaa package conveniently assembles all the basic items in one place for you. Amazon is featuring this Kwanzaa Arc Candleholder & Celebration Set, complete with a kinara, all seven candles, a unity cup and mat. To top it all off, the set comes straight from Ghana. (Amazon, $70)

Kwanzaa Super Party Set

Party kit

Maybe you're looking for something a bit more manageable and temporary; perhaps you're entertaining younger family members and need a quick turnaround. Party City's got you covered with a Kwanzaa Super Party Kit with all the table settings and decorations you could ever want. The set features plates, napkins, cups, banners, bowls and more. (Party City, $30)

Baskets and masks

Baskets and masks has all sorts of great traditional Kwanzaa decor, from Zulu herb baskets ($13) to traditional wooden masks ($130). These items would look awesome on the wall or as a table centerpiece and serve as great conversation starters.

Kwanzaa Apron


This kids' Kwanzaa Apron will get them in the spirit— ready to help prepare meals or use as a cover-up while making Kwanzaa crafts. (Etsy, $8)

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