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Halloween may not have started as a competition based on the best decorations -- but it is now. If you’re serious about making your house the best on the block without breaking the bank, we’ve got the stores for you, with the best decorations at the lowest prices. Happy haunting!

99¢ Only Store

There really isn’t anything more budget-friendly than decorations for 99¢, so start at 99¢ Only! They’ve got streamers, candy and decorations that range from cute to creepy. Also, if you’re throwing a party, look no further than 99¢ Only for Halloween-themed cups, plates and napkins.

Oriental Trading Co.

We love any store that offers a sale on every item! Oriental Trading Company is that store. They have more than 600 Halloween decorations available on their online store and every single one is on sale. We especially love their selection of outdoor decorations. This spectacularly spooky LED Skeleton Ground Breaker is only $16. The screams will make it worth every penny!


It’s all about Halloween at the O. Overstock.com has a great selection of fall and Halloween decorations that will make your house extra-scary, without taking extra money from your wallet. We recommend setting the haunting mood with these orange Halloween lights that are on sale for only $24. Order yours today!


There really isn’t anything Amazon doesn’t have at a discounted price. They show you exactly how much you’re saving on every item, and it’s always a great deal. You can save on this Creepy Cloth, perfect for any Halloween home. Add some skeletons or spiders and hang them everywhere to create a house everyone will be scared of.


What’s more budget-friendly than a DIY project? Pinterest is the best way to find craft ideas to decorate your haunted house and to spark interest in ideas. Gather the family together to create unique Halloween decorations that you can use for years to come.


Although it’s nearly impossible to leave Target without buying 20 different things, it's a great place to find Halloween decorations that won’t break the bank. They slashed prices on all their decorations and they offer free shipping online on orders of more than $50. Start with this awesome wood candelabra LED tealight and let your decorative juices flow from there.

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