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If you’re living on a budget, holidays that require gifts can be daunting. Luckily, dads don’t need lavish gifts to know how much you love them.

budget-friendly fun

We’ve racked our brains to find the best ways to spend Father’s Day with Dad without breaking the bank. Here are our best tips.

Have a field day

Go back to the glory days of field day in elementary school. You know the ones, where everyone gets together and competes in silly games like the three-legged race. Gather your entire family and even Dad’s best friends to compete in a friendly competition at the park. A family that plays together stays together -- and it also doesn’t hurt to win together.

Movie marathons

You know those movie quotes Dad always recites -- the ones that you have no idea where they come from? This is your chance to understand the references! Rent all of Dad’s favorite movies and watch them all with him on Father’s Day. Spending the day relaxing with the movies he loves is a great way to show him your appreciation. We apologize in advance if he says all the lines to you -- just act impressed.

Do his chores

This isn’t as glamorous as the other suggestions but we guarantee Dad will appreciate it. Let Dad take the day off while you take over his to-do list. Wash the car, mow the lawn and let Dad know that you love him enough to do chores without asking for an allowance. (He’ll probably give it to you anyway -- you are his little girl, after all.)

Don’t plan anything

Really, Dad just wants to spend some quality time with the people who made him a Dad on Father’s Day. If you can’t afford to give him all the gifts he wants, just show up and spend the whole day with him. Go a step further and leave your phone in the car so he knows you’re all his, uninterrupted. That is the greatest gift of all.

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Comments on "4 Inexpensive ways to spend Father's Day with Dad"

Tina June 14, 2012 | 10:11 AM

My dad always loves when we make stuff together. Whether it's working on my crappy little car, or refinishing a cabinet, or fixing a leaky pipe, he seems to really enjoy working on home DIY projects, especially with his kids. My brother an I sometimes pick up a busted radio or record player or something like that from Goodwill, and we all sit around with plenty of coffee and tinker. Makes dad a happy camper : ]

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