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Dad has always given us everything we could want -- except maybe for that pony you wanted when you were 5, and if we’re being honest, we didn’t want to deal with that mess anyway. So now that Father’s Day is here, it’s time to give Dad just what he wants. We’ve got the 5 best Father’s Day gifts that all types of dads will love!

A golf lesson with a PGA pro

A golf lesson with a PGA pro

Who doesn’t want to be the best? Spending a day learning the game from the best golf has to offer is the perfect, relaxing gift for any dad. Cloud9 Living offers this great package for around $129 -- a small price to pay to give Dad a round of golf and bragging rights for the rest of his life.

The Perfect Shave Kit from Sephora

The Perfect Shave Kit from Sephora

Everyone knows a man who feels good looks good -- what they forgot to add is that a man who looks good, looks good. Make sure Dad looks dashing by giving him the Perfect Shave Kit from Sephora, designed to provide the closest, most refreshing shave ever. He’ll be giving himself a facial every day without even knowing it.

GL1 Vehicle diagnostics for iPhone or iPad

GL1 Vehicle diagnostics for iPhone or iPad

This is the coolest gadget for anyone who doesn’t understand cars -- and convenient for those who do! This plugs right into your car and the diagnostics pop up on your iPhone or iPad. No more dealing with hidden costs at the mechanic's. Dad can know exactly what’s going on with his car at all times. It’s available at Think Geek.

Beer making kit from Sharper Image

Beer-making kit from Sharper Image

It might be obvious, but it's also genius, as this gift turns Dad into a microbrewer instantly. It comes with everything from a fermenter to beer bottles and labels. He can reuse it with all his favorite ales. Now Dad can enjoy a cold one any time he wants -- cheers!

Dual Watch Winder from Sharper Image

Take one more chore off of Dad’s hands with this Dual Watch Winder. An automatic motor keeps the watches he isn’t wearing at the correct time, at all times. This way he can rotate all his favorite watches without wasting time winding. It's made of sleek black leather, so it won’t disrupt Mom’s beautiful decorating job -- it's a win-win.

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Dual Watch Winder from Sharper Image

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Gina June 22, 2012 | 12:08 PM

My dad would flip his lid for that beer making kit. He's a massive beer buff, he even tried re-fermenting some fancy stuff he bought online. And he can make his own labels. He'd love to come up with punny names for all his beers, that would be perfect!

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