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Just because kids grow like weeds doesn’t mean that you have to go broke when stocking their closets. So, before you try to convince your little guy that boys can wear pants like capris, too, check out these 15 quick tips for saving money on children's clothes.

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11Go big

Some kids' clothes can be purchased one size bigger without looking ridiculous (think hoodies, sweatshirts and pajamas).

12Alter clothing

Cut pants into shorts, add ruffles to add length to skirts and pants, and let out hems to stretch the lives of your kids' closet contents.

13Sell gently used items

Sell outgrown clothing online or in a consignment store to supplement your current kids' clothes budget .

14Cheap doesn't always equal savings

If it won't stand up on the playground and through a season's washes, then you'll end up buying more clothes in the long run.

15Splurge once in a while

Buying a major item, even if it's at regular cost, may quench your desire to overspend on your kids' entire wardrobe.

Quick TipTake inventory of your kids' clothes before you shop. This will help you avoid unnecessary purchases. Then, focus on filling in your kids' closet with clothes that coordinate with both the existing and the new wardrobe. Saving money on kids' clothes is a sure way to put the pleasure back into shopping!

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Amy September 23, 2010 | 9:46 PM

Layer layer layer -- that's the tip I swear by when I shop for my kids!

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