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Just like the movies

When someone in your life just can't get enough of the cinema, there's really only one way to please her during the holidays — more movie stuff! Gather ideas from your giftee about her favorite movies, then get to work on this ultimate movie lover's gift basket that's actually rather inexpensive and filled with movie fun.

Start with a plastic popcorn bucket or bowl

Old-timey-looking plastic popcorn buckets with red and white stripes work best for this, but if you're on a tight budget, a standard colored plastic bowl works well, too. Fill the bucket about a third of the way with newspaper to make the rest of the items pop out visually.

Layer in the swag

Fill the bucket with merchandise from your giftee's favorite movies. Whether they include Star Wars figurines or a Godfather T-shirt, make sure the items lie flat so they form a base for the rest of the gifts to be layered on top.

Add a touch of sentiment

Vintage movie posters really add a thoughtful touch to the basket and ensure that it doesn't look like something you picked up at a gift shop. Even better, find memorabilia signed by the cast and crew of your giftee's favorite movie. It might be costly, but for close family and friends, the cost is well worth seeing their reaction. To avoid being ripped off, be sure to do your homework and make sure autographs are authentic.

Movie-theater goodies

No movie is complete without a few munchies. Add a few bags of popcorn, boxes of candy and other snacks you know the person enjoys. You get added points if the candy is homemade, but no one turns down store-bought chocolate and fruity treats.

Bonus experiences

While you've spent a lot of time looking into what movies your giftee enjoyed in the past, you can give her plenty of movie memories for the future. A movie-theater gift card will help her see the movies that she's been waiting all year to see but that she's been holding off on for the cheaper DVD rental.

Finishing touches

Once your ultimate movie lover's gift pack is complete, wrap it all in colored cellophane from the bottom up. Lift your gift pack and place a large piece of cellophane underneath, then gather it upward, securing it with a twist tie or clear rubber band. Voilà! It's the perfect gift for moviegoers of any age.

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