Fun-To-Wear Summer Water Goggles

The sun is shining and summer is in full swing. We all know our favorite summertime activity: swimming! Check out this variety of fun goggles for kids to wear in the pool and other water activities this season.

The Sully swimming mask

Sully mask

Monsters University is a big movie hit with kids this summer. One of Disney's most popular characters, Sully, is the ferocious, bright blue monster who has a softer side. Kids will enjoy disguising themselves as Sully with these goggles. (Target, $12)


Interchangeable neon goggles

Neon mask

Brightly colored goggles are a must-have for summer. For boys or girls, these tie-dye design interchangeable frames are vibrant and can be worn at any age for stylish fun in the sun. (Kohl's, $8)


Holographic heart goggles

Hearts mask

The holographic lenses make these goggles fun, while the color combination is the kind little girls go ga-ga over. Colorful hearts add even more girly flair. (Speedo, $15)


Disney and Marvel goggles

Cars mask

Boys will love these Cars-inspired goggles from Disney. Themed goggles allow kids express their personality while wearing their favorite characters. (Swimways, $7)


Sea creature frames

Turtle mask

The underwater world is fascinating, and these goggles let kids pick their favorite animal to wear in the pool. (, $4)

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