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If you’re a smartphone user, you probably have a photo-sharing app -- or two or three -- on your phone. Instagram, Flickr and Tumblr are so much fun because you can snap a pic, edit it right on your phone, and instantly share it across your social networks. If you’re already snapping, we have a great way to keep sharing while also helping charity!

PictureHealing is a free photo-sharing app that allows you to edit your photos within the app and then share them socially. The difference between PictureHealing and other more mainstream photo-sharing apps like Instagram is that each time you snap and share, you have the opportunity to benefit one of more than 80 charities like Save the Ta-tas, the American Red Cross and Kids are Heroes.

By taking and sharing photos, PictureHealing users earn points. Those points determine how much of PictureHealing’s profits are donated to particular charities. There’s no cost to the user.

Is it worth it?

We downloaded the app to test it out. The filters are pretty comparable to what you'll find on Instagram and sharing is easy. If you're already a fan of photos and sharing, downloading PictureHealing is a great way to help those in need at the same time.

Other apps and sites for charity

Care2: This online social network is great for people who want to connect with other activists. Users earn credits by participating on the site and these credits can be used to make donations to nonprofit organizations. (Online & App format)

Kiva: This not-for-profit organization allows you to extend small loans (think $25!) to entrepreneurs in struggling communities. The person then repays you through a loan payment schedule, and you’re able to cash out or reinvest in another cause. (Online only)

Global Giving: Although Global Giving is similar to other apps because it allows you to donate money to worthy causes, many times you’re donating to regular charities, meaning you can’t determine exactly how your money is spent. Global Giving allows you to choose the specifics of your donation, and monies donated should reach the project country within 60 days. (Online & App format)

Worried about donating online? We get that! Check out these tips for determining if a charity is legitimate or not >>

More ways to get involved

Help Ethiopian women
Take a walk for charity
Shop online and support your favorite cause



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