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You know the feeling you get when you buy something new? It's warm, fuzzy and exciting, right? Well, imagine the feeling you'll get from buying something that you not only love, but that gives back to a charitable cause, as well! Take a peek at what you can do to give back and get goodies in return...

Kohl's Cares Elle makeup bag

The Elle for Kohl's line has created a a new charitable merchandise line with products ranging from $5 to $10. The cause collection supports the fight against breast cancer in a stylish way with affordable and fashionable offerings. The collection will be available year-round and 100 percent of the net profit is donated to the cause. This makeup bag is only $10 and is big enough to fit all your essential beauty products while giving back to those in need.

Charity Pot

Charity Pot

LUSH Cosmetics is a best friend to any type of skin. They use all-natural ingredients that pamper and soften your epidermis. The LUSH Charity Pot is not only a big helping of creamy body lotion, but every single penny you pay for it (excluding tax) goes to fund and support grassroots charities around the world. The Charity Pot itself includes delectable ingredients like Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and a fresh, ylang-ylang floral fragrance. It's also handmade with love. So show your love!

Ojon hair products

Ojon hair products

Ojon is a sustainable hair-product line that uses ingredients from the Honduras. Ojon works closely with MOPAWI, a nonprofit group dedicated to promoting sustainable development in the north-eastern population of the Honduras. Their products feature a magical golden elixir that comes from a special tree in the Honduras. Their styling products work miracles on dry, damaged or dull hair.

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick

The 2012 Viva Glam Lipstick stars include Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin. Choose from the Viva Glam Nicki shade for a pretty pop of reddish-pink or the Viva Glam Ricky lip conditioner for nourished lips. Every cent from your purchase of these two items goes toward helping women, men and children living with or affected by HIV or the AIDS virus.

Yes to Blueberries

This Yes to Blueberries Gardener's Hand Cream not only replenishes and moisturizes tired and rough hands, but 100 percent of all proceeds go to the Yes to Seed Fund. The Yes to Seed Fund gives grants to school gardens so children can have a chance to connect with Mother Nature through fun and engaging gardening and outdoor activities.

Yes to Blueberries Gardener's Hand Cream

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