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The fundraising ideas library at is your best source for real-life fundraising ideas from other Breast Cancer 3-Day participants. Here are some additional ideas.

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25. Community Finger Print-a-Thon: A suggestion from a fundraising forum: "We used a company
called Kid Safe Child ID Network, Inc. We found them on the web at They were able to custom create 2,200 Bio-Docs for the local kids: The event was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, so the event was free to the community. Kid Safe did all the work and we just promoted the event. It was very easy to do. After the event, we received a check for 15,324 dollar. Pretty nice for a one day event!"

26. Coins: Go to your local mall or shopping center and ask what they do with the coins in the

27. "Thons": Cut-a-thon (hair salon), Mow-a-thon, Shovel-a-thon, Rake-a-thon. You name it. You
can do it for donations. You can even use local Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops to help be your man power for this fun activity.

28. Check-Out Donation: Make up Breast Cancer 3-Day donation cards and ask a local store to
sell them at the register. People can make a donation as they make their purchases, sign their name or purchase the card in someone else's honor. The store then hangs the donation cards around the registers.

29. Save a "Pear": Get a grocery store to donate some pears and set up a table outside with a sign
that says "Save a 'pear' -- make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3-Day".

30. Donation location at work or other highly visible location: Set up a table in front of your local
grocery store. Get permission first, and then ask everyone who enters to support you. While this doesn't sound very glamorous, it's very effective. Remember that in addition to raising much needed funds, you are also playing an important role in raising awareness. Some walkers give a token pink ribbon as a thank you to strangers who donate at an event such as this.

31. Dog walking for donations: Send out a flyer to your neighborhood offering your services to dog
walk or dog sit while the owners are out of town.

32. Walk in Public: Set up a treadmill outside of a store and walk for donations. Set out a donation
can for people to drop donations in.

33. Lemonade, anyone?: Have a yard sale with a lemonade stand, or just a lemonade stand. This
is a great way to get your kids or neighbors involved and have them feel like they are joining you in making a difference.

34. Benefit night at a local restaurant: Check in with your favorite local hangouts. Many
restaurants already have programs in place to help you fundraise at their establishment. Be a guest bartender? A guest griller? Or hand out coupons to their establishment for a percentage of profits for that evening.

35. Bottle Drive: If you are in a state that requires bottle deposits, start a bottle drive. Put flyers
around your neighborhood telling people to put their bottles out on a certain day and you'll come by to collect and return them. Let your local school, pool, gym know that you will do the same for them.

36. Rent a port-a-potty for a small town parade: Decorate it (of course we'd suggest pink!), and
ask for donations for use.

37. Garage Sale: Ask all of your friends and neighbors to participate by donating items for sale.
Make signs that indicate all proceeds are going to the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Ask your local paper to run an ad as their contribution. Add a bake sale and/or lemonade stand, and have a straight donation jar visibly displayed. Don't forget to have plenty of donation forms on hand!

38. Super Change Jar: Ask all of your friends and family to put aside their spare change to be
added to the super change jar. Every month or so, empty it out and let everyone know how much "a little at a time" adds up! This is a great idea to put into action at work, too. Decorate the jar with inspirational quotes and photos from your training walks.

39. Car Wash: Hold a car wash — either in your neighborhood, at your place of worship, or at your
place of business. Ask local businesses to donate the supplies you will need and ask your friends to help wash. Add a bake sale; sell chilled bottles of water (that have been donated). If you have enough help, consider adding a dog wash!

40. Used Book Sale: A more focused and versatile version of a garage sale. Ask everyone you
know (co-workers, neighbors, family and friends) to donate any books they have read and are finished with. Choose a time and place to have a used book sale — maybe your local farmer's market, school carnival or community fair.

41. Banner: Have a group of friends, your child's classmates, a local business, help to design a
banner that you can use on the 3-Day to mark your tent. Suggest a donation minimum.

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Comments on "101 Fundraising ideas"

Marlene November 29, 2013 | 9:42 AM

My friend has cancer and I really want to help. I am pretty young so I can't do much of these things. Maybe have some more ideas for younger people?

Bargirl May 13, 2013 | 8:38 AM

It is NOT in any way rude to ask a bartender for one nights tip as donations. You would ask a bartender at the local watering hole you go to-chances are you have tipped them generously every time you have gone(AS YOU SHOULD) and they are your friend. Having been a bartender for years, you make a decent living-if you don't, you aren't a very good bartender or you should be working in a better bar! Giving up one nights tips for the better of someone is good Karma!

Freshman at East Side High School April 15, 2013 | 5:58 AM

i want some ideas that willhelp both me and my ( the ) community .

Pat Clay April 09, 2013 | 6:51 PM

It is completely unacceptable and outrageously rude to ask a waiter or bartender for a day's tips. Their salary is HALF minimum wage, and to ask them to give up a day's pay is insane. Ask for a donation, yes, like you are from everyone else, but not most of their earnings for a day. If you wouldn't ask your doctor for a day's pay, why would you ask someone who can barely make ends meet?

nicolette February 09, 2013 | 7:35 AM

I am not sure if anyone else has made this comment, but Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are not permitted to raise money for any other organization. I think it's because they are a non-profit organization.

raqual January 18, 2013 | 2:02 PM

how can I raise money for my church youth choir?

Alex Mariana December 03, 2012 | 9:26 PM

My relay for life team sells Tori's (Aluminum-Free & Paraben-Free) Deodorant. They give groups donating to a cause a wholesale price on products and let them sell it for retail price. We have made a couple hundred dollars already for our team! They also give a % of their profits to breast cancer research. Win-Win!

Chrystine October 11, 2012 | 8:10 PM

Ida - e-mail me at iwalk360@ymail. I have a bunch of those pink rubber bracelets. =) Let's talk!

ida October 09, 2012 | 7:49 AM

okay, im doing my senior project on breast cancer. My product would be raising money for the cancer foundation. The only problem would be where to get the bracelts from without paying for them. Because im young and cant just front the money till im done selling and then ill donate it all. if so can anyone give me good links? much appreciated! thanks

CASANDRA YOUNG September 18, 2012 | 7:26 AM


Taylor Parker August 29, 2012 | 10:28 AM

My son's school has been trying to come up with some different fundraising ideas . I think that the school, and me as well, were sick of working with the fundraising order forms for cookies and other such things. Regrettably, the debate is still out there, and they are still trying to decide what they should do about the different things that they need to do to raise money for the school. These are some great ideas though, I will totally have to pass them on to my sons teacher!

Fundraising Ideas July 02, 2011 | 1:10 AM

that is a delicious fund raising ideas,I like it,so yummy.I'm sure it gain much money.

ieta September 18, 2009 | 2:31 PM


fgolden September 10, 2009 | 10:11 AM

just came in from my daily 5.5 miles for this year's Dallas/ Fort Worth walk which I keep on twitter for some friends who follow my training. I enjoyed reading your experiences of the Denver walk and seeing the pictures. We have less that 60 days until DFW this year and reading about a walk really brings back the great memories. Thanks

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