Pina Colada Jell-O Shots

Pina Colada Jell-O Shots

  • Prep: 3 hr
  • Cook Time:
  • Total: 3 hr
  • Serving: 15

Jell-O shots are fun, easy to make and will give your next party a little something extra.


  • 1 package (3 ounce) Pineapple Jell-O
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 cup Malibu rum


  1. Bring the coconut milk to a boil. Add Jell-O mix and stir until dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature.
  2. Stir in the Malibu rum, pour into cups and chill. The Jell-O will separate into layers, with the coconut milk rising to the top.


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